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By whyhim69 On 2012.10.18 16:34
How many PWP use a sleep apnea machine? Does it help to sleep better, more restful sleep? Less thrashing and REM sleep? I am curious because I feel it may help my husband rest better. He has had sleepless nights for many years and snores quite heavily.

By parkinit On 2012.10.22 09:41
My spouse was diagnosed for one, but he chooses not to use it because he finds it difficult to sleep with one. He has been told the risks, etc., of opting not to use the machine, but he was having difficulty getting adjusted to the device on his face.

By Shedog On 2012.10.27 02:45
Hubby has a CPAP machine... used it for a long time, but doesn't any more, we still have the machine, incase he decides to use it again. It is awful when he uses it... The dogs hate it, I hate it... a blardy cold draught down the back of my neck, everytime he moves, not to mention the noise... But If you can get past that... It really is great. They seem to sleep better and are better for the oxygen that they get while sleeping... I coped, lordy knows how, but I did. You have to get used to seeing them masked up... I got a heck of a fright the first few nights he used it... but then I got used the spaceman lying beside me at night.

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