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By whyhim69 On 2012.10.18 16:46
Anyone on the Nuepro patch? Hows it working for you? side effects? I would love to hear from you.

By parkinit On 2012.10.22 09:45
We've been using the Neupro patch for a few years now (we bought it overseas before FDA re-approval here).

It has "bought" my spouse more time on his pills. He is latter stage PD, so anything we can find to lengthen time between pills, we will try. He goes 2.5 hours between pills now - with the patch.

I will say to be cautious on the amount taken (we take 4mg), as it can have (for us) side effects as other agonists such as Requip and Mirapex. At 4 mg, we see some of these, but it is "tolerable." I put my foot down on getting more than 4 mg because we saw such huge problems (addictive behaviors) with Mirapex and Requip. I didn't want to take that path again.

By whyhim69 On 2012.10.22 23:57
Thank you parknit for the info.......

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