For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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Topic To use or not to use a "walker/rollator..that is the question! Go to previous topic Go to next topic Go to higher level

By joyinchrist67 On 2012.10.19 14:13
Wiley is fighting using a walker or rollator....he just(I suppose) does not want to give up his independance...although he frequently falls. Up until this point, no breaks, just soreness, but I know its coming....I do not understand why he is not afraid of falling and why he does not gladly gravitate to this wonderful helping tool of the walker/rollator...I guess each person handles the onset of disease differently, but I do not know how to encourage his acceptance..I guess it is a matter of his timing.

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.10.19 15:26
Welcome to the forum. I'm a Patient, just this month I had a discussion with my Neurologist about going to a walker. I use a cane and a service/walker dog to balance but having more and more trouble with my balance it isn't fair of me to keep my dog in harness 24/7. My Neurologist was adamantly opposed to using one until it was a very last resort! He said the motion of using one would wreck my back (I have lots of issues with my back) also the bent over leaning forward posture would be more apt to lend itself to being more prone to falls and balance problems trying to move around with in esp in the house (where I had thought about using it so Tess would get a break). I* have a friend who had tried a walker and ended up busting 4 ribs taking a tumble over it. I'd say go with your husbands not using it until He's certain he's ready and not to try to convince him it willl be easier. I've found thruogh the years living with this disease something that looks easy or of help sometimes isn't and what you'd expect to be hard for Us to do or handle ...well we seem to do with ease. Take care, best of luck and hang in there

By karolinakitty On 2012.10.19 16:00
A weird suggestion but it worked for my Jim when he was having such bad issues last year...he used 2 canes...almost like walking with ski poles..but his balance had been so bad he thought of it in his own words..he wasn't ready for a walker!!!!!

By barb On 2012.10.20 07:51
My dh studder stepped, walked on his toes and would shoot forward with the walker. We could never get him to step into it. Decided it was a catastrophe waiting to happen. Laser cane helps him get started when he freezes.

By dkleinert On 2012.10.20 11:01
Barb - what is a laser cane? My pd husband has so much trouble freezing. We are working on Delay the Disease exercise DVD's that are geared specifically for freezing and PD.

By dkleinert On 2012.10.20 11:03
What is a laser cane?

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.10.20 16:15
D, A laser cane is a cane with a laser pointer attached to it so it points a bright little spot of light in front of you to either step over or try to step on to help one get moving again.

By barb On 2012.10.20 23:23
That's it. A cane with a laser line that you step over. It may not work for everyone but I'm about to go up to our hotel room to get his.

By carman96 On 2012.10.22 13:42
I'm glad this came up. My husband has been falling lately either because of balance or dizziness. He doesn't use a cane yet either and I don't push it because he doesn't seem to use it right. I was thinking about going to a walker but after reading this I can see that maybe he wouldn't use that right either. His friend is trying to get him to use a walking stick. We will see what happens.
I like the idea of a laser cane but they seem to be pretty expensive. Okay if it works but what if he won't use it?

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