For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By hatepd On 2012.10.20 02:46
OK, I'm confused....
Do we think we still have PD???
Went to see a sleep doc and he said that even though I THINK my guy is awake when I "bring him out of a nightmare" he really is not.
Says that is the reason he never remembers his dreams and has to rely on what I tell him. Because he CAN'T wake up.
He is still off of the PD meds and is doing alright - still has a really poor memory - lost his hearing aids - has no idea what happened to them or when he last wore them - life is pretty bleak without his being able to hear OR remember - got confused about where to plug the GPS into in the car or where the garage door opener was (on the sun visor as always). Neurologist doesn't believe he has dementia. Also stumbled a couple of times while we were out today...he does that occasionally.
Thanks for you're input

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