For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Arly56 On 2012.10.20 16:23
Hi all:

I am new here, and I am so glad I found the forum! My mom was dx'd with PD over a year ago. Oddly enough, she never had tremors.

I jumped on the thread here about Sinimet and dizziness and low BP. My mom has been dealing with that for ages. I made note of the techniques that one of the posters in the thread suggested.

However, when we see Mom's neurologist, she finds those side effects unusual. When we ask about other meds, the neuro just says that Levo-Carbidopa is the "gold standard". Well, for some individuals the gold might be bronze!

What meds are others using that work? I just want Mom and I to have some informed questions to ask the next time we see the neurologist.

Thanks so much!

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.10.20 18:53
Arly, Welcome to the forum. The Neurologist is right Carba-L-Dopa is the gold standard in treating P.D.That said low blood pressure on standing and dizziness can and do come from the disease also. (You'll find sticking around here reading some threads it is often hard to tell if some symptoms are drug retaliated or disease related. As You Mom doesn't have a tremor it probably clouded a diagnosis for awhile. Also you'll find that often while visiting the Doctors you may bring up something that you find troubling or new that has arisen, you tell the Doc and they don't seem to be bothered by it or address it. That's a common event. Doctors know what the drugs side-effect might be and do they know to some extent progression and what to look for but seem to not realize to the Patient, family and those caring for the patient these things are not expected and scary. That's why you see many posts talking about researching our disease and medicines done by caregivers and patients to understand what is or could be going on.

My best advice to you and your Mom would be when visiting the Doctors ask questions but don't tell them you've been looking up things! Telling a Doctor that seems to threaten them and they go on auto shut off to the questions. Just ask along the lines of "I/we've noticed such and such do you think it is the disease or medication or what is it and how can we do anything about it. That way the Doctor still thinks they are incontrol and more use than just a rx pad lol. Glad you found Us hope you stick around and help us here. Again welcome to the forum. Take care, best of luck and hang in there

By parkinit On 2012.10.22 21:33
Arly -

I'm trying to think back to "early" drugs as my spouse has had this disease for quite some time. Here are some drugs that come to mind then and now:

Amantadiene, Artane, Azilect (still using), selegeline, rasagaline, rotigotine (patch)

Here is a helpful link that discusses the drugs used for PD:

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