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By Reflection On 2012.10.21 18:01
Friends, I am trying to get a sense whether either neuropsychological testing or brain scans are commonly used if our loved ones experience cognitive issues. My loved one has has had neither type of tests, but that may be because he has refused to a allow his family to speak with his doctors, and presents himself as "fine." His doctors seem willfully blind to his increasing issues - is it because of managed care, and they don't want to order tests? Because he has them flim/flammed? Because such tests are unusual? I can't tell.

I just don't know what to do - but a reality check would be most helpful. Have your loved ones had such tests? What kinds? How often? Thank you so much for your help. I'm desperate.

By parkinit On 2012.10.22 21:49
Your loved one (are you the spouse?) doesn't let you speak with his doctors? I'm wondering why if you are the caregiver/spouse.

We've had several cognitive tests - both before DBS and afterwards. There was cognitive decline. PWP believes he thinks slower and there is no decline even though report said there was decline. The memory just isn't there and I find it worsening almost monthly. I've requested these so the doctor will know where we are at and can make suggestions accordingly. As has been mentioned many times here in the past, many spouses can "perform" well it seems during these tests when we see much decline at home and as the spouse.

By Laurel On 2012.10.24 01:38
Steven has testing done pretty regularly by his neurologist to test his cognitive impairments. But they're not test-tests, they're things like counting backward by 7s or listing all of the words he can think of beginning with the letter "d" in a minute. The doc has enough experience with Steven to be able to compare his prior tests and get an idea of the progression. Which is unfortunately ongoing.

He had neuropsych tests done before he had DBS seven years ago, but that was seriously to find out if he had the mental health to handle the whole thing. I haven't heard of such testing being done just generally.

I don't know what to advise about your husband not wanting you to talk with his doctor. He does have an absolute right to that privacy... Do you go to doctor appointments with him? How does he feel about your talking with the doctor when you're there? (And if you don't usually go, can you -- even once -- to try to ask the doctor about it?)

I wish you so much luck. The cognitive problems are the hardest in my house. I know it must be heartbreaking and frustrating and infuriating all at once. (At least it is for me.)

~ Laurel

By Reflection On 2012.10.24 10:48
Laurel, thank you so much. I very much appreciate your response.

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