For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jcoff012 On 2012.10.22 18:07
Today, we spent about two hours in an antique mall. That has given my husband the idea that that is what he and I SHOULD be doing...

You see, we used to decorate with antiques and have boxes and boxes in the new garage; also have antique coffee pots, tools, a flax wheel, kitchen utensils, and children's toys.

He thinks it would be fun and interesting to rent a space in this mall and fill it with our stuff, look for more, etc...we wouldn't be there daily, but it is in the little town where we drop off our grandson Tuesday-Thursday, so we could check on things then.

What do you think? Is this doable, or am I just setting him up for failure...He is an amazing man, very talented, but in the three years since dx, he is going downhill.

I firmly believe in letting him do things as long as he can, but I don't want him to put all of his energy into something that will wear him out. (ex...he is napping now, after only two hours spent on this this morning.)

Am I just being too cautious? Any and all ideas would be appreciated. (FYI, before all of this mayhem with PD, we had planned on travelling to collect and resell antiques! So, this isn't a new idea, but, we haven't made a commitment yet.)

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.10.22 19:11
Wow, thanks lol I generally just stick my nose in on a posting! Since you're asking for my two cents worth, I say go for it. With the caution maybe with a try part time until you see how it goes? You know, just build up slowly instead of jumping in with both feet.

It sounds good, something you both enjoy but have put on the back burner for awhile. I don't know if You've ever gone to the commentary section on the site (top of the page click on commentary) but if you scroll down to the bottom there is a list of commentaries on different subjects. You might enjoy reading "Joe Doors and Parkinson's disease" it kind of fits I think.

Well that's my two cents worth hope it helps and great luck in your endeavor! Thanks again for asking! Take care, best of luck and hang in there

By jcoff012 On 2012.10.24 17:45
Thank you, Al ;) I love knowing who you are and am especially pleased to know I have "met" such an endearingly kind man. In the past few months, your words have helped me/us more than you will ever know and this post proves it. Thank you.

I am going to go downstairs and tell my husband, Carl, that you said to "go for it"! He respects advice from many, but is skeptical of some. Not you, though. He does know that I feel I have found a friend here who has been "there" and can be a great friend...thank you.

We watch our grandson, Nigel, three days a week now, Tuesday-Thursday, down from Monday-Friday, so four day weekends have opened up. After we set up shop, I'll send some pics to show you what we did, as I am certain we will become even better friends in the future.

PS...gmta...he said last night that we should set up slowly and be part of that mall, not open a shop...Hugs, and always comment...always ;) Jane

By mylove On 2012.10.24 19:26
You should have Shakydog weigh in with his two cents! We have done just about the same thing now that he's gone to half time at work.

By jcoff012 On 2012.10.26 14:27
Hi, Mylove, glad to see you again...glad to hear he went back to work parttime...Carl did that for about two years, but it got to be too much stress :(

Yes, have him log in and tell us how it is, etc...I think we are going to give it a try soon. Hugs, Jane

By plcpainter On 2012.10.26 15:20
One of the ugly aspects of PD is that it creates an apathy, or at least, a perceived apathy. There has been a LOT of discussion on this group about apathy and so with that said, HOORAY that your fella is excited and engaged in a new endeavor! What a wonderful Rx for flagging spirits, to feel engaged and energetic about the future. Go for it! On a more practical note, I had a space in an antique mall 14 years ago, and found it to be a lovely antidote for some major life transitions I was going through. You can be there as little, or as much, as you want. Perfect! Good luck and keep us posted.

By jcoff012 On 2012.10.26 15:59
Thank you, pclpainter! I think he's pretty special...Even when he doesn't have the strength, he goes out for a walk (he has to take a nap afterwards, but he goes!), he reads everything and anything about PD, but doesn't dwell on it...He is in one word, amazing...

We, too, have our ups and times he says hurtful things, like most PD do...but, I quickly have developed a way of coping (I leave the room! LOL), and things get back to normal...

As for the antique mall...from what I read on the IRS website, we need to do some bookwork first (prices, filings with state and fed., etc.), but we will probably do it soon...he is sooo animated about it!

Hugs to all...have a great weekend...we have to be home these nights to root the Giants on in the World Series...lolol.Jane

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