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By Trusting On 2012.10.24 22:35
I have a question that might seem really silly, but I'm still wondering; My PD partner gets bit by mosquitos constantly. I can be outside with him, side by side and I never get bit however he will get bit so many times he has to go inside. I've seen the whelps so I know it's not his imagination. Do you think the medication he takes could lure them to him? Do any of you know of others with this problem.

By mylove On 2012.10.25 00:41
I don't know but it holds true here too.

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.10.25 08:31
I don't get bitten very much at all but when I do, I find myself chuckling thinking with all the drugs in me it's the last bite that bug will ever take. I've got to be toxic to them.

By Reflection On 2012.10.25 09:12
There's a lot of individual variation in our attractiveness to bugs, even without PD - though PD and PD meds may change body chemistry and smells making folks more attractive to bugs.

You might want to try insect repelling clothing - it actually works. I was persuaded to try some a few years ago by the testimonials of active duty military personnel, and wildlife researchers in the tropics.

"Insect Shield" and "Buzz Off" are trade names - you can get it from or, but they tend to be pricey - or try for discounted clothes.
If you want an inexpensive way to see if it might help, you could try this bandana for ~$11:

Being outdoors is good for the soul, but with West Nile around, grabbing an insect repelling hat or bandana or shirt is an easy way to enjoy being outside with the worry about bug borne diseases.

By parkinit On 2012.10.25 18:41
I seem to get bitten much more than my spouse who has PD.

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