For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Offkilter On 2012.10.29 14:39
What have you found that has made a difference in keeping your loved one independent? Recent changes like no-tie-shoelaces have really made a difference in smoothing out his day (I'm even using lock-laces now, LOL).

So no matter how big or small a change or technology, I'd love to hear it. I just want his life as frustration-free as it can be so he can focus on living it and not on what he has problems with.

Recent adaptions made:
-Bathroom makeover: Walk-in shower, hand bars, raised toilet
-Depends that look like underwear for night weaer
-No-tie shoelaces
-Extended hand grip on recliner lever
-Bed rail
-Komachi knives (even the blades are brightly colored; so he can see them more clearly)
-Digital picture frame filled with new and old pictures (sometimes new events are hard for him to remember clearly, but older events are crystal clear). He takes this with him if he ever has to stay at a hospital.

I'm considering the velcro-fly jeans that are marketed more to arthritis sufferers, because I think he misses wearing jeans.

Thanks in advance to anyone who shares what has worked for them.

By parkinit On 2012.10.31 18:57
* Handrails down the hallways
* Lift recliner
* less carpeting (seems he trips more on the carpeting)
* A swivel bar by his bed side (he uses this a lot). These are expensive, but well worth it!
* Sleep number bed that helps with raising him.
* Button up shirts (easier to put on as he requires assistance with dressing anyway)
* Velcro instead of laces on shoes
* adapted bathroom: sink, shower stall with built-in bench.
* chair lift on steps for second story
* grab bars all around the walls in the bathroom (including shower).
* wearing compression socks greatly decreases swelling in the legs.
* taking acidophilus pills to offset when taking antibiotics.
* Bi-weekly physical therapy
* weekly massages
* Foot and leg massages with essential oils
* Comfortable knit lightweight elasticized pants for those days when we plan to stay home.
* leg bag with external catheter so he isn't always running to the bathroom.
* Tena paper underwear to catch what the bag doesn't.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something! LOL

By Trusting On 2012.11.01 21:08
Thank you for posting these things. I think they will be helpful for me down the road. I am trying to prepare for the future when I do any kind of repairs or renovations in our home. The shoes are becoming difficult for him to tie and he has trouble putting on a jacket or shirt. As the weather is getting colder in our state, I told him that it is okay with me if he just wears his fleece pants as long as he doesn't go anyplace. I think he was more than happy that I suggested it to him b/c jeans are becoming a problem for him to keep zipped and hard to button. We did get a sleep number bed and we sleep with it slightly elevated. This seems to help him sleep more comfortable.

By mylove On 2012.11.02 00:47
Tip for button up shirts: Button all but the top couple buttons and the cuffs. If he can still manage it, he (or you) can pull it on and off over his head like a pullover or a t-shirt and it saves time and buttoning as you only have to do up a couple of them.

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