For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jcoff012 On 2012.11.04 23:08
It is I who has jury duty, not him.

Tomorrow, we don't have the grandson, so if I have to go in tomorrow afternoon, he will be alone, but after lunch and he usually takes a nap.

My question...I wasn't able to get out of jury duty because he isn't considered "bad enough"; however, I am concerned for his and my three year old grandson's safety while I am a half hour away. I assume I will have to turn off my cell phone, too...

I guess what I am asking, is will HE serve on a jury?

And, why am I not excused with Lymphedema in my left leg from cancer surgery, his PD dx, and we are responsible for the care of our grandson from 6:45-5:45 three days a week? LOL Sounds like a full plate to me, but I am going in tomorrow...

In all seriousness, how bad does PD and his care need to be before we no longer have to worry about our civic duty...We are both 64. Jane

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.11.05 00:01
Jane, If you can get a note from your Doctor saying you aren't fit or able for jury duty (leg would swell from sitting for prolonged periods ex.) Or if He is called esp. with cognitive problems a note from his doctor would suffice to excuse him. Take care, best of luck and hang in there

By jaxrock On 2012.11.05 06:25
When I was notified that I had to appear for jury duty, I contacted my husband's neurologist, who promptly wrote an official letter stating that I was my husband's caregiver.

The day of the chosing of the jury, I handed the letter to the judge, who read it solemnly, and then said "I'm so sorry. Take care of yourself". and I am permanently excused from jury duty.

I'm sure your husband's neurologist would be happy to do the same...

Good Luck

By carman96 On 2012.11.05 08:03
My husband was called for jury duty so I had the doctor write a note and I mailed it to the jury commissioner. I don't think they can make you nor do I think they even want you if you have a serious medical condition. Who told you that you couldn't be excused? If you do have to go tell the judge about your situation.

By seawench On 2012.11.05 12:00
Last Spring I recieved a summons. I wrote a letter describing the reasons he could not be left alone and the burden that would be put on us financially to find a caregiver and to replace me in the office, I am a resident manager of a ministorage.

We live in a medium sized city. The "Clerk" (and evidently not just a clerk) I handed the letter to, immediately read the letter and with tears in her eyes told me I was permanently excused. There are reasonable and compasionate people in Gov't service and I'm sure you will find someone even if it has to be the judge.


By jcoff012 On 2012.11.05 20:34
Well, after all the jerking me around, etc., I called in last night, drove up to Santa Rosa (a half hour one way drive), then called in at appearance...and, because of our "unique" situation, I am excused for a year.

We will pick our battles. Next year at this time, I will be more pro-active and see if I can be permanently excused...

Love you all for letting me whine...sometimes my plate is WAY too full! LOL


By parkinit On 2012.11.06 18:24
Thank you all for these responses. This is something I haven't been faced with yet, but it is good to know how to handle this issue should it arise!

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