For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By chroop67 On 2012.11.07 19:00
The pattern has emerged and yes it feels like ground hog day. My Mom has had PD for 16 years and really has not declined physically in the past couple of years, almost stagnant (uses a wheelchair because of a fall/broken leg 2 years ago but can still walk on her own or with walker) but oh that damn dementia!!!
This is usually how the day goes.
9 a.m. phone call to complain about meds/nurses (she has been in a care facility for just over 2 years) or to ask me if I have heard anything about her sisters medical situation
1 p.m. call to tell me that she has been left alone or lost her purse or her remote or to update me on her current paranoid delusion
6 p.m. call to tell me that supper sucks/ask about her sister/tell me about the lady who is my sister (but in reality is not) and so on...
8p.m. sometimes an apology call/or a compliant about the people partying there/or to tell me she is going to make soup or go the store.......etc

And many days there can be in between calls about the current item she has lost, this past week its been her purse.

What a ridiculous way to live, she often will say she feels like she is going crazy. I can't correct her misinformation and tomorrow it will start allover again:(

By lurkingforacure On 2012.11.07 22:47
It is so hard. I remember visiting my mom in skilled nursing towards the end and she was so loopy, just in another dimension. One particularly bad time, I had our kids with me and they were scared to see their grammy like that and she did not recognize them at all. I never imagined my mom would not recognize the grandkids that were the light of her life.

You are doing the right thing to listen to her and love her. One day she will be gone and you will cherish the time you spent with her, however hard it may have seemed at the time. No regrets, as they say.

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