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By LotsaBob On 2012.11.08 17:40
Went to see the neuro in wichita on tuesday. I thought that my carbdopa / levadopa should bee tweeked upwards. Well the neuro first said he agreed and was going to raise my C / L from eight pills day to ten pills a day. He then changed his mind and increased my entacapone to five pills a day from four pills a day. Does that make sense to you guys. Oh I almost forgot that he is leaving Wichita VA, which leaves wichita with zero, zip neuro's. Now I will have to go to Topeka which is about a two hour drive.

By susger8 On 2012.11.13 13:18
Entacapone (generic for Comtan) works by inhibiting an enzyme that breaks down dopamine, so that more dopamine is available. It's a short-acting drug, and normally it's taken along with each dose of carbidopa/levodopa. So if you are taking C/L five times a day, you would take 5 Comtans a day too. That way you would get more bang out of the C/L instead of increasing the C/L. But if you are taking Comtan alone, not with C/L, it's not going to do much of anything.

I don't think some neurologists understand how it works. I actually worked on one of the clinical trials for Comtan, which is how I know about it.


By daisy On 2012.11.13 16:25
While my DH was taking Sinemet (11 pills a day) he was also taking 6 entacapone
mainly during the daytime when he needed a more robust response from the medication. It did noticeably improve his ontime, but the dyskinesias became too bad eventually. He is now on the Duodopa pump.

By parkinit On 2012.11.13 19:46
Daisy -

Would you please start a post on the duodopa pump. I'm interested in hearing more about it and your perception of how it is working for your PWP.

To my knowledge, this is not available in the U.S. currently but is in the testing stages.

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