For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By lpenrod50 On 2012.11.12 11:49
My husband has had parkinsons for 11 years. He's been pretty good up until about 6 months ago. He has restless legs and they hurt most of the time. When he sits in his wheel chair he sits with his shoes off and his feet on a pillow. When he walks (shuffles) he uses a walker and he says his shoes feel like they are sucking or sticking to the carpet. I always buy him good tennis shoes from Nike. What kind of shoes does anyone else wear and do you have the same problem. He can't walk without shoes and I'm at a loss on what type of shoes to get him. Thanks!

By LotsaBob On 2012.11.12 13:16
I was sent to a pediatrist because I have a tendency to fall backwards. Of course this is with the VA. The pediatrist made a pair of tennis shoes from scrstch to fit "my" foot and added plenty of cushion because my feet and legs hurt. Even with these shoes my feet or legs still feel like they are stuck to the floor. I hope this helps......

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.11.12 15:28
I've heard that bowling shoes are recommended when shuffling and the feeling of being stuck to the carpet is a problem. However in helping that problem you will probably have the opposite problem with skidding and not having much traction.

By lpenrod50 On 2012.11.12 16:00
I had thought of bowling shoes. We have a pair but they're too small. Thanks!

By parkinit On 2012.11.13 19:43
"That carpet catches my shoes!" I hear this a lot, too. Most of our floors are not carpeted, just one room, so the problem appears to only occur with carpet. If and when you get the chance to, I would replace the carpet (I'm telling myself this, too).

If this is not an option, I would suggest great caution when the PWP is struggling with walking and offer assistance when traveling across carpeted areas.

I have found no particular shoe better than the other as you don't want slick bottoms for the other areas of the house that aren't carpeted. "Low tread" shoes - those with no deep grooves or suctions on the bottom may be a better choice than those grooved shoes.

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