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By parkinit On 2012.11.14 18:37
My spouse has OCD issues and fixates on things from time to time. An example is that he has really dry skin on his arms and he insists that he has "holes in his skin" from vitamin B12 deficiency. Well, he dropped this when I requested he be retested for B12 in his system (he does take weekly B12 shots for deficiency) and it was determined that he has an abundance of B12 in his system.

Do others have this issue with their PWPs and is this the PD or the drugs?

By phoenix On 2012.11.14 19:38
My husband has the same kind of issues. I don`t know if it is the Parkinson`s or the drugs, but he always had tendencies to get fixated on things. It has gotten much worse as the Parkinson`s progresses.
I just try to go along with it as much as possible. It`s usually difficult to prove him wrong because he is so illogical. Fortunately his focus of obsession changes every few days...

By Trusting On 2012.11.14 21:46
I don't know if this is the same or not, but I've noticed that if my husband gets something on his mind he can't let go. Because he is hard of hearing I have to make phone calls for him. If he wants someone called he wants it done now and doesn't rest until I make the call. It could be wanting to go to town to check the price on something; I might as well stop what I'm doing and take him to town. My children have noticed this change in him too. He seems to pace up and down our hallway until things get done. He's not angry or anything, he just can't seem to rest until it's done.

By jcoff012 On 2012.11.14 23:36
The last time he visited the neuro, my husband said, after seeing how neatly he folded his clothes for the examination, that this is what the doctor said, "Have you noticed any unusual OCD problems while taking your meds? Or, do you always fold your clothes so neatly?" My husband responded that he DOES do that which the doctor replied, "A little OCD with one's appearance is a GOOD thing...keep it up!"

We both got a good laugh out of that one...we know the time will come when it will become difficult to manage ADLs.

But, he has always had ocd with neatness and a clean, tidy home and workshop...I used to call him anal retentive about everything, but in deference to PD, I now use OCD! LOL

Hugs, and remember, keep smiling at the little things...Love you, Jane

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.11.15 00:10
Hummm.......I'm going to get myself into hot water before I'm done answering this lol. It could be the disease or it could be the medication, it is hard to tell and I'm not making light of it because it can and does have horrendous results for gambling and pornography, even abusive actions. Which need to be addressed by Medical professionals.

...sticks toe in water...lukewarm okay....time to get in the water here another thing that might contribute to OCD? Caregiving. Some of those little things that drive you nuts? Maybe before the disease they were present? But overlooked? Now with all you have to do those little quirks seem to just add up and on to everything else?

Seems like the water is getting warmer now.....I down play the stages of Parkinson's because I think they make it worse for caregivers. Many reason we just want to know what's to come, what to expect. Then the Parkie walks into the room with a blank stare or a dumbfounded look on their face you ask what's wrong? Answer..I forgot what I came in here for! Or You're going out and the Parkie forgot where they put their keys! Instant worry..... When you get a moment you rush to the keyboard desperately asking "is this the beginning of dementia? OCD....of course not, everyone forgets from time to time where the keys are, what they went into the other room for or Who the heck was that in the store that just said Hi and called you by name? Just normal Human behavior. But because of our society and the medical advertisements, promising this or that pill will make everything better and your wish to make or have everything as it was we OCD on life's little things and they become a burden upon you with everything else. Then we find the old adages becoming true, Make mountians out of mole hills, whatever can go wrong does etc, etc,

Okay the waters getting plenty hot now So I'd better get out ....We've solved the dilemma of the cause of OCD anyway..Caregiving! By Golly We caught it from you! Problem solved AND I've heated the water up too!

Again I'm not making light of the horrendous problems mentioned at the start of this answer. I'm just saying worry and stress along with fear can cause us to fixate upon normal idiosyncrasies to the point of obsessing. We just have to try to not sweat the small stuff, enjoy the day, no one knows what tomorrow brings (heck I could be late stage 5 for getting hit by a lightening bolt but I'm still going to dance in the rain and make mud angels until I can't!) Gee where'd that obsession with mud Angels come from?!?! Take care, best of luck and hang in there!

By carman96 On 2012.11.15 08:03
My husband does the same thing about getting something on his mind and then he wants me to drop everything and drive him to town to get something right now! Also he has the hoarding issue with multiples of everything, like speakers hooked up to nothing or remote control cars that don't work. Also musical jnstruments that nobody plays. He loves yard sales and I indulge him because that is one of the only social outlets that he has. We will be having our own huge yard sale come spring!
Yes he has always had these issues but my take on it is he has so little to occupy himself with that his thoughts turn into obsessions. Probably aggravated by mirapex. So I think these personality traits that they had before just get exaggerated as time progresses.
Loengr1n you are funny and I'm sure there
is alot of truth in what you said.

By jcoff012 On 2012.11.15 09:32
Al, no offense taken. I do agree, I was trying to say, my husband had ocd before the PD!

I think you are right, those of us who are in the caregiver role often take every little quirk as a sign of advancing PD...I know I often find myself asking him, "Are you ok?!" etc...

HOWEVER, I have been following your advice about giving him space and we both feel better about things...I didn't obsess when he went upstairs for an hour...he was on the Internet searching for some drill part and got into searching and lost track of time...I just played with the grandson and watched Disney worries.


By parkinit On 2012.11.15 11:22
Al, I take your comments in light of how they are given - with a light, humorous touch. :)

No, my spouse did not have these tendencies in the early stages of PD (he has had PD since we have been married).

Yes, they are daily interruptions, but in view of the big picture, they are possibly the most benign of those PD symptoms.

Yes, they are probably some of the most irritating to the caregiver, yet the least irritating to the PWP (because he does not recognize this tendency in him or herself - that is our case).

I don't mind dropping everything to assist with toileting or transferring, etc., but many times I have received a yell at the top of his lungs (as loud as that can be with voice impairments due to the PD) only to find out that he wants me to look at the holes in his arms - are they getting bigger or deeper or whatever?

I did ask this question for a reason and purpose and not to simply complain. If it is the meds, it can possibly be adjusted. If it is simply the PD. We live with it as we are with humor and patience.

By phoenix On 2012.11.15 19:14
Carman, I think you bring up a really good point. My husband can no longer use the computer, or the phone, or the tv remote on his own. It makes a lot of sense that the thoughts that were buzzing around his brain now come to the forefront because he doesn't have a lot else to think about.
Parkinit, I totally get where you're coming from. I had to check the "incision" (minor scratch) for bleeding many times last night. Today it seems to be gone:). Wish I knew if it was drugs or PD. We have done a lot of drug tweaking lately and gotten rid of the really disturbing, aggressive behaviour, so whatever causes this I'll take it over worse things!

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