For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jcoff012 On 2012.11.20 17:40
Good afternoon, Everyone!

Since it is raining and my husband and our grandson are sleeping, my thoughts are to Thanksgiving.

Five years ago, just before Thanksgiving, my doctor told me I had to travel three hours to San Francisco to the UCSF Oncology Department for the second and third surgeries for my uterine cancer. Scary time, from Thanksgiving to the New Year, but we were thankful to be alive and together.

This year, our son and his family cannot make it up, but we will all be together soon at Disneyland...and ending the week in Yosemite...

So, I wanted to say I am thankful that my husband is alive and well enough to travel (we all hope) the ten hour trip to Disneyland for three days, then travel back up to Yosemite. You see, even if he cannot walk around or is just too tired, he said a few months ago that he wanted to go back there, since it's been four years since we made the trip. So, our kids are making it happen...even to booking hotel rooms all the week, so he is comfortable sleeping each night...

So, I am also grateful for our "children" who are adults...for planning everything, renting an RV, but also for knowing and accepting our limitations on what may be our last family trip to Mickey's house.

What are all of you doing for Thanksgiving? We are hosting our youngest and her husband and Nigel, our grandson, and she is making most of the dinner. Then, we will get ready for the trip, relax and they will go Black Friday shopping...

I hope you all try to have the best Thanksgiving you can...I remember flying back East to share in my MIL's final one...we rented the big room at the nursing home and everyone brought food...nice day.

Love to you all, and remember, life is short, so let's enjoy it however we can. Jane

By jaxrock On 2012.11.21 09:18
Your post is so uplifting.....

Yes, in spite of "everything", there is so much to be thankful for...........

My husband is doing so much better.............and our daughter and her family will be here today for the Thanksgiving holiday.....we'll all cook, eat, laugh and say a prayer of thanks tomorrow.....


And Happy Thanksgiving to all.

By seawench On 2012.11.21 10:38
We are grateful that even though our family is 7 hours away we have a great community of friends to welcome us in their home for Thanksgiving.

Even better the main floor has an open floor plan with a polished concrete floor. So my hubby just rolls in with his scooter and can stay longer because the scooter chair is set up just for him and dosen't agrivate his muscle rigidity. Rather than being "parked" on a sofa in a room that people tend to drift out of and he is left alone he can move about freely and paticipate in the ebb and flow of social contact. He dosen't have to worry about furniture obstacles because Cindy will just shove it out of his way. They tend to move things around as the need or mood strikes and with a concrete floor it's sooo easy.

Lastly the adults are a Paramedic, ER Nurse and Lifeflight Helicopter Pilot so I think we are covered if we run into any problems. The greatest thing is they are relaxed, understanding, are able to help him and give me a break and it makes for a very pleasant and stress free day.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

By jcoff012 On 2012.11.21 12:12
Terrible weather! I need to add, we are thankful that the weather is better today! Hugs!

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