For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jcoff012 On 2012.12.01 20:05
Well, it was 90 percent a success! Not bad.

The first day, 12 hours in a 25 foot RV was too long, but enjoyable. Hard on the bottom, but we stopped about every two hours to rest, take a walk, etc. we arrived around 8 PM and had a wonderful dinner and hot bath!

Next day, Tuesday, up at 8 to move to the Grand Californian and our first day at the parks. We went to Cars Land where we met our son, girlfriend and his/her daughters. Great times.

Next day, more of the same, but our daughter and her husband arrived and things changed. I could visibly see my husband tense up, as she kept harping about "her" problems (she has none). At one point, he just walked away and it took me 45 minutes to find him! (He looked forlorn and sad). So, even though it was only 8:30, I said let's go up to the room...we did.

The next morning, she cornered him before we left to again tell him how stressful HER life was. He again walked away and after I found him sitting by the tree in the lobby, he asked if it was time to go. We did.

Next, we drove to Yosemite, but it was cold and raining...put a bit of a strain on the rest of the week, but was relaxing in that we had a beautiful room and great amenities. Our daughter and SIL planned a hike, but it was too slippery for safety, so Grandpa and Nigel went swimming!

Would we attempt this again? Yes, but with some 12 hour days...that was nuts! Also, we would do ONE trip, not two trips in one week...too much driving.

How did he do? The crowds bothered him and he went on very few rides because the motion was too much. We sat down and rested often, kept hydrated, and set his iPhone's alarm to go off for meds.

The ten percent bad was mostly stress causing his tremors to so become uncontrollable, so he was embarrassed a few times. We skipped all the parades because of the crowds and noise.

But, our daughter and son listened, and REALLY paid attention to his needs...they put no expectations on him, so he was at ease.

It takes the entire family now to pull this kind of trip off; takes a lot more money and more time to pull this off, but we did time, we'll have to not include our daughter unless she promises to NOT complain.

Al, if you read this...the one thing I found unnerving was the blank, almost staring off into space, full of confusion on his face those two times he walked off. He scared me, because I remember seeing his Mom's blank looks...does that mean things are changing, or was he just coping with stress? Jane

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.12.01 23:24
Jane, that's hard to say. But I'd say if it was those two times then he was probably using all he had to hold it together and cope with the moment. Glad things went well with the trip all things considered! I really wouldn't jump ahead thinking things were changing. (based on what you went through before with his Mom I know that is a hard thing not to compare). Also in a different surrounding you were more keenly observing him, so he might do that to cope and you just overlooked it before? Either way, I wouldn't sweat it. Again glad you both enjoyed the trip and welcome back home on the forum! :)

By jcoff012 On 2012.12.01 23:29
Thanks, Al...I won't worry so much...I was pretty keen on watching him in the crowds...hugs and thanks for the welcome back! Jane

By parkinit On 2012.12.02 08:59
Just as with physical energy, emotional energy can be tapped and drained - even more so with the PWP. My PWP and I have had much stress lately and we both feel drained because the emotional energy being tapped in a negative manner.

Beware of negative emotional pulls on your PWPs system. It is real and can take a toll on their entire body - hence, possibly the blank stare.

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