For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By lurkingforacure On 2012.12.01 23:14
My husband shuffles his feet constantly, all the time, does anyone have this? We have no carpet so he has huge callouses on his feet and has worn holes in every sock he wears, I buy socks all the time, even double thick ones and he still wears them out. Is there anything I can do to help with this?

He also has taken to snacking constantly now, I've complained about the food at my house (see prior posts) and it has gotten completely out of control now. It is literally a 24-hour event that starts around 4am as I hear him rummaging in the kitchen, then again around 5:00am, then when I am making breakfast and packing lunches for the kids half an hour later (after first cleaning the mess he made) he comes in again and wants some of what I am making for them (this drives me nuts) doesn't matter what I make or cook or prepare, he wants some of it right then and will literally take the food out of our kids' mouths unless I stop him. I hate being the food police and for some time I've kept my mouth shut just to see what would happen, I thought he'd get full but it never stops and so now I find myself in this worse position.

He has gained much weight, cut back on his exercise even though I nag and cajole, and puts something in his mouth every time he goes near the kitchen. I have taken to only making enough for the meal we are eating so nothing is left over because I know he will eat it all completely before the day is over so why bother?

I know he eats for comfort because he feels shitty but then he complains about how bad he feels once he eats! Meds don't work when he stuffs himself and though I remind him of this everyday and he agrees, he still does it. What can I do? I can't help him if he won't help himself. I also get frustrated when he does things that he knows will make things worse, especially when he tells me how miserable he is....I am not feeling very empathetic at that point. I feel like I am fighting PD and him too when he does this and what can I do?

By Reflection On 2012.12.02 08:46
In some cases, there's an overlap between PD and a disease of the frontal lobes, sometimes called FTD, or frontal lobar degeneration. Constant eating is a classic sign of FTD - as is not being aware of the chaos he's causing.
There's a good on-line support forum for FTD at:
You might check it out, and see if it resonates. I hope not, but sometimes having your concerns and observations validated is helpful. Unfortunately, I don't recalll seeing an effective way to deal with overeating. I wish you the best.

By parkinit On 2012.12.02 09:02
I don't recall your pill regimen, but I wonder, too if this is a form of addictive behavior - which can simply be caused by levodopa.

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.12.02 09:17
Lurking, What can you do? The shuffling is called festination=short shuffling steps. It is a cardinal symptom of Parkinson's Disease. So does anyone have this probably 75% of Us Parkies have this or will have it before the end. Remember a couple of years ago here on the forum Bandito and others were posting about tough love? Well it might be time for that right now. Changing diets, adding supplements, trying this or that exercise jumping to and fro because someone on this forum or another chat "swears" by something doesn't help. Many times you post a wonderful find only to try it and later on post problems asking why does he have them now? I would suggest sitting down with His neurologist and going over His medication, ask for a referral to a dietitian go over what foods are okay with his medicine and will keep him healthy while not producing side effects. Then get him out walking and talking those are the best exercises for Us. These programs some have for Parkinson's Patients (and I've seen many touting benefits who are only 2 years into the disease. Heck 2 years in at 35 years old I could do hand stands and jog a couple of miles). We should not admit defeat roll over and let Parkinson's Disease just run it's course but We have to be realistic also. To run to and fro from one "cure" or "slows or stops progression" upsets the balance of our med's and causes the patient more harm than good. I'm sorry if I sound too hard or callus in this post, changes do have repercussion's no matter how well intended. And as this horrid disease runs it's course there will be something's like festination we can do very little about. Take care, best of luck and hang in there

By jcoff012 On 2012.12.02 17:30
Lurking, I agree with Al...Case in point, *I* have been to Weight Watchers, on other diets, tried starvation, lol...anything and everything...even, after three cancer surgeries, I STILL cannot drop the weight that brought on the cancer (uterine cancer...biggest cause is having excess estrogen from being overweight)...and, five years later, I am back where I started, having lost and gained more than half of the weight I originally lost before the surgeries...

Why do I say this? As with any compulsive or addictive behavior, the PERSON who is complusive or addicted must decided when/if to change. Change is difficult. It is very simple to say, "Just do it." I DID it, but I gained it back...over and over again. It is hard on both the mind and body. We know WHAT to do, but DOING it is not that simple.

I agree with Al, I say do what you can to help, but unless he is ready and willing to admit to and change his compulsions, you are going to drive yourself nuts.

NOT to make light of your situation, but ...My mother is 93 and a diabetic, but she lived by herself until a year ago...when we had her out for Christmas last year, she ordered dessert first...the waitress looked at me...Mom said, "I want to eat something sinfully good first, in case I don't make it through dinner...!" Had to laugh, but sometimes I think of this when approaching this stupid disease...

Example: We drove thirty miles this morning to get more Christmas lights for the outside of the house---he totalled that he needed $240 worth...then, said, no, too much money. I said, "If you want them, get them..." So, he did...and he's like a kid...cannot wait to "fix" the way the lights look by adding in the new ones (We replaced half last year and now this year with the new led ones.) In the car, he took my hand and said, "Jane, I am glad you are on my side. Sometimes, I don't know why I want to do something, but I do...and you never judge my reasons."

Seriously, I love this man and if something makes him happy, so be it...I will worry about things once he is gone, not now. We have enough daily stress to not add more over $240 in lights!

As for shuffling, yes, my husband does it, too...and is slouching more...I will walk up to him and hug him til he stretches to be taller than me...little tricks like that...our 3 year old grandson tells Grandpa to "MARCH, Grandpa!" meaning, he notices his shuffling and makes him march to pick up his feet!

We all can do only what is in our power, no more. Try to let the small stuff go, or, as another poster told me, someday you/I will be wishing he was there TO irritate you...I haven't forgotten that advice.

Good luck...I am listening to my Rod Stewart CD my husband ordered for me as a is a very tender, sweet one...not like RS, but excellent...Hang tough, and good luck! Jane

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