For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By seawinters On 2012.12.05 14:30
The neurologist has said my loved one should file for disability. Who should we contact for support in moving through this process, in particular right now, just filling out LTDI and SSDI claim forms? He's a professional driver, who can now no longer drive and has been on medical leave for most of the last four months. There's a lawyer who wants to do it for a 25% cut of the payment, however it doesn't seem like that should be necessary.

He's worked his whole life, and all of this is very overwhelming. He has a fairly rare type (XDP) that's taken him from a mild tremor in his fingers to not able to drive within the space of a few months.

Any help and/or pointers to help would be so very much appreciated!

By moonswife On 2012.12.05 22:02
We went to the local SS office, picked up forms, had doctor fill out and hand carried back to SS. When they reviewed the level of RX, and doctors Dx they approved it immediately and back dated to the date we filed. Took less than 6 weeks. My husband was an Independent contractor and had been hiring people to perform his work. Good luck. From prior posts seems to matter how competent the person reviewing your application is.

By WifeofPWP On 2012.12.06 09:51
I know the forms can be so overwhelming, especially because it's then you realize nothing will ever be the same in your life. When we were filling out the paperwork for the work LTDI it seemed as though there were 4-5 basic questions asked in many different ways. In our circumstances the company providing the LTDI will assist us in filling out the paperwork for SSDI. When we attended a seminar last year one of the sessions was on SSDI & a company called Allsup was the presenter. Obviously they charge a fee, but much less than a lawyer will charge you & they have a good reputation. The website is & I know you can call to get some genral information about fees & options. I kept this in mind because I realized we might need it someday - Hope this helps a little bit.

By seawench On 2012.12.06 11:41
PD is now a fast track disease with the Soc Sec people, so it does make things go more smoothly. We filed on our own and it only took 8 weeks from filing to check, and we had a brief set back because we were reassigned to another case worker - don't know why and don't think it was because of us.

One thing I kept in mind is whenever I was describing his disability, I answered the question in light of how this made morking impossible. such as:

"His job requires him to answer the phone and often deal with upset people however his voice is too soft and he has a heavy stutter that makes him hard to understand. When dealing with forceful or upset people his cognitive skills freeze and he is unable to sort through to a solution or even respond."

Not just saying what was wrong but demonstrating how it disabled his ability to work. It took a lot of thought to lay it all out in that way.
And it was very emotional. It took me a week to work my way through the function report, just because sometimes I had to go lay down and grieve.

All in all I'm so glad we got through it and it has provided great relief for our situation. I took over his job as a property manager - and since it is an onsite position I am able to conitinue being his full time caregiver- what a blessing!


By jcoff012 On 2012.12.06 17:58
Seawench, I am so glad to hear this worked out for you. I imagine going through this is almost as devastating as the first time you hear "You have Parkinson's." I think your description was perfect. My husband has said several times, "Jane, I just can't multitask anymore. Slow down." As for hearing him, that is such a shame for us all...I don't know if he is as tired as I when I say, "Repeat that, I can't hear you." I find myself watching his lips to try to understand; cannot imagine your husband being able to be understood over the phone.

Bless you both. Love to you, and remember how wonderful you are to take this on! You did it! ;) Good job! Jane

By karolinakitty On 2012.12.10 13:18
It's not always a fast took us 18 months and after 3 denials and an attorney we finally got really depends on the state... Here in SC...not so fast....I even had a friend who was approved in Ohio for disability then when she moved to SC had it revoked and had to do the whole process over again...hard to believe but ultimately is left up to each states dtermination process...
At least when ours was said and done a few tests they used will never be used again as they were falsely used against him.
Our attorney basicaly did nothing as I went on a leter writing campaign when I found the results were biased and profiled. It worked though :)

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