For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By stillunsure On 2012.12.12 14:30
After some dizzy spells leading to fainting within a 2 month time span, my husband was finally admitted to the hospital for multiple tests. All MRI's, etc., showed nothing. He also took a cognitive study by an outside neuro (after leaving the hospital), which indicated "mild cognitive impairment". Shortly afterwards, he developed a tremor in the right hand and showed definite signs of depression. Now, after seeing 2 different neuro's, he is on 5mg Aricept, Lexapro, and now Sinemet, 3x daily. After all this, no one can give me a diagnosis other than to say "it looks like Parkinsons". His last Dr. recommended a Pet Scan to rule out Lewy Body. Right now, his depression seems much better, but his tremor is the same. Hard to write and eat (right hand). No other symptoms other than some minor shuffling, but this could be my imagination.

Sorry for venting so long, but this is my first post and had no where else to turn. Do I just wait to see if symptoms worsen, or leave well enough alone? Could he not have PD? He doesn't want to go to any more Dr's.

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.12.12 15:18
stillunsure, Hi, welcome to the forum. Unfortunately there is no "test" to diagnose Parkinson's Disease, the diagnosis is based upon observation (Doctors visits) and symptoms presented. If He responds to the Sinemet then it is a pretty sure bet it is P.D. some people respond right away some it takes a little more time before they respond. Others with P.D.+ don't respond but lets not worry about that right now. Really in the beginning it is a pretty hard disease to diagnose but as time goes on it becomes clearer.

It sounds like you've been given the diagnosis and kind of left hanging. Right now there is not much you can do other than seek conformation or second opinion of the diagnosis. Keep active, exercise and eat right. Stick around here ask questions! There are many wonderful people here who will help you anyway they can. Again welcome, take care, best of luck and hang in there!

By parkinit On 2012.12.14 22:30
stillunsure -

Have you taken his BP at different times throughout the day - especially when he is dizzy? This is the easy one, and I'm sure it has probably been addressed, but it is quite common for people with PD to have unstable blood pressures. My spouse's is historically high in the morning and then gets lower throughout the day. Many faint and get dizzy when they go from a sitting to standing position. I hear this is quite common. Just a thought. :)

By stillunsure On 2012.12.17 17:28
partknit -
Yes, he definitely has a fluctuating BP. Can get really high, and for no reason sometimes, it goes really low which of course, can cause the fainting. The neuro never attributed it to PD, but I've read that it's a common symptom.

He still has a tremor in the right hand, which can be pretty bad. No other outward symptoms yet so that's why we're so confused.

Thanks for the input. This forum is really helpful.

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