For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jcoff012 On 2012.12.13 18:09
Sitting here at the kitchen table, listening to a Christmas cd, grandson snoring while napping, my husband upstairs exercising, and my thoughts go to the holidays and the future. I really hate cliches, like " you two have been together over 45 years, you should just remember all the fun from the past." Are they kidding me? Who among us is ready for the journey to alter its course, or worse, to end?

I am an optimist, as is my gorgeous husband, and, yes, he is bent over, drools constantly, has noticeable tremors, and often has odd facial ( or worse, NO) expressions, but is still the man I love...but, I do wonder if this, or next, will be our last Christmas within "normalcy"...

I read the posts and my heart hurts for the PWP and their caregivers who have fought a good fight or who are worn out or frustrated after years of worry, hurt, and pain...

Then, as I sit and write this, I wish for everyone in this fight, and it IS a fight, I wish you all a happy, joyful holiday season. We all need to know someone loves us, someone cares...know that I, for one, will always be here if you need to vent. I have met many on this board who feel the same.

What I wish is that we did not have to meet this way. We are all at varying degrees of the disease, but that doesn't matter. We all care and when things are bad, we are here...and we all relish in the small gains or good days we have with our PWP. Inside, we celebrate!

Please take care of yourself and enjoy the smallest events of the season. Al, thank you for helping us all see PD through your eyes and through your kind heart. To all of my new friends here, may you cherish this life knowing how much your comments and wisdom have helped those of us in need.

I cannot drink alcohol anymore because of BP meds, but I toast you all and am so glad you all enlighten this board with wisdom and thoughts expressed which many of us feel, but cannot put into words.

Hugs and best holiday wishes, Jane

By Reflection On 2012.12.13 23:29
Thank you for your lovely post. I am so grateful for the wisdom, kindness, helpfulness, support of all those who are here. You inspire me. Thank you.

By Freespirit On 2012.12.14 09:05
Thank you, Jane, for such a wonderful post! I loved it where you referred to your husband as "gorgeous." My husband is much older than me and suffers from many of the same PD-related symptoms such as drooling, and the stoop. . . but to me he is still gorgeous and still my precious love. I REMEMBER how he was before this disease ravaged him. I REMEMBER how strong, and vibrant, and full of life he was. I know that deep inside he is still the same person. . . but is held hostage by this rotten disease through no fault of his own. Love penetrates so much deeper than the physical. It transcends. I know that eventually this disease is going to take my husband one way or the other. . . but I don't live in the future. I live in the NOW as much as possible. One day at a time.

By parkinit On 2012.12.14 22:32
Thanks, Jane. We all need this uplifting, optimistic message.

By JBehler On 2012.12.16 22:06
Thank you for the reminders. I appreciate your kind words. We started the new year 2012 with wild delusions, fortunately all are now under control. Meds were off. A blessed Christmas to all and thanks again for all the valuable input.

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