For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Trusting On 2012.12.15 00:00
I want to share with you something that really seems to help my PWP with his stiffness and overall health. It is called "Whole Body Vibration Therapy".
Body vibration is a form of therapy or exercise, where you stand on a vibrating plate that is attached to a small machine. Body vibration machines appear in clinical and health club settings, and are also available for home use. Many professional sports teams, celebrities and universities use whole body vibration techniques, according to the Vibrant Health website. Proponents of whole body vibration claim a wide range of health benefits from regular use. Consult your doctor before you begin any body vibration therapy or exercise program.

We purchased this machine before my husband was diagnosed with PD and found it to help both of us. Just 10 minutes a day equals a full work out. I can tell the difference when he is using the machine and when he doesn't. Maybe some of you have this in your homes; if you do, I'd like to hear your testimonials.

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By LOHENGR1N On 2012.12.15 08:44
Glad this seems to work for you and yours. If you believe in it I don't see any hurt in it.

**disclaimer** the following might not be something you'd want to read if you're satisfied with "Whole body Vibration Therapy".

These are a variation of the old belt around the waist lose weight machines, same principle but now claim to benefit the whole body. Well I take my medication to gain moments of relief from vibrating! Whole body vibrating. Perhaps early in the disease or just after diagnosis this may help one stay loose I don't know. Sounds like another "snake oil" product to me.

By Trusting On 2012.12.15 20:36
These machines are being used in Physical Therapy and also in gyms. They were designed by NASA (similar concept) for those who traveled in space. They are nothing like the old belt vibration.

Many places in our area will allow you to pay to use their machines. That's what we did for 2 months before we purchased our own. I had to ask if I could purchase a machine, no one tried to sell me one. My husband really finds a lot of pain relief from using this and yes, it was okayed by his doctors.

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