For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By mytngenes On 2013.01.01 14:53
My PD husband is having a lot of problems sleeping at night. He is extremely anxious and restless. The dr has prescribed sleep medication as well as Seroquel to help, but he is still having trouble staying asleep. He'll fall to sleep 15-30 mins after taking his meds but wakes up about 3 hrs later, very anxious and restless-moving around from place to place trying to get comfortable to go back to sleep~hopping from bed to lounge chair to couch and back to bed all within minutes. I still work full-time, up at 4:30am and not home until 5:30pm. This nightly routine is about to get me. Whenever he's "bed hopping" he's calling out to me~fix my covers, turn up/down the heat, bring urinal/small pillow. It's a viscous cycle each night.

If you have any advice, I welcome it!


By barb On 2013.01.04 18:47
You are describing my husband except he can't take medication for sleep. He does take seroquel but he is still up half the night and makes the same requests. He naps during the day and I walk around like a zombie. I need an uninterrupted nights sleep. Sometimes he takes a shower in the middle of the night. I'm afraid he will hurt himself but I can't stay up all night. Any suggestions would be appreciated

By lurkingforacure On 2013.01.04 22:58
Many of us have this problem, it is really hard. I could no longer handle the 5-6 interruptions every night, and my husband also sleeps with a pretty bright light on which meant I couldn't sleep even when he was! I finally caved over a year ago and started sleeping in our son's room on his bottom bunk. We don't have a spare room in our house and sleeping on the sofa didn't work because my husband made so much noise coming into the kitchen and eating several times a night, every night. You just do what you have to do, with the resources you've got.

Several here sleep in a guest room with a baby monitor in case their loved one needs help during the night. If my guy were taking a shower or bath at night, I would ask that he not do it because that means you have to be up and awake to help him, and/or in case he slips. Is there a way to take the shower faucets off before you and he go to bed so he can't use the shower? You cannot lock the bathroom door in case he needs to use the restroom, but I would seriously consider trying to somehow make the shower unusable at night...maybe a plumber friend could help with how you might do this?

You must get your sleep figured out, as no one can function without it. There is a reason sleep deprivation was a form of torture during wartime, it is not to be taken lightly.

I hope you both can find a way to get the sleep you need.

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