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By trapper On 2013.01.08 22:27
I hear that Caffeine may be of help with Parkinson's symptoms.

Is there some truth to this?


By lurkingforacure On 2013.01.08 23:01
I don't know about the caffeine but those 5 hour energy drinks sure help my husband...I don't know if it's the phenylanaline (precursor to dopamine) or the caffeine (they say it doesn't have that much, and it doesn't if the label is accurate) or the B vitamins (some of which interfere with sinemet so I really don't understand how it helps!) or maybe the combination of all of this, but it does help if his meds are not hitting. We hate to rely on it, though, and they are expensive:(
We also take a few teaspoons of mucuna (an aryuvedic bean powder) when desparate, which helps but has its drawbacks as well, I've posted about it before, and you can google mucuna and parkinson's to find out more if you are interested in that possibility.

It's not that rich in caffeine but green tea is very therapeutic and researchers in Israel have done quite a bit of work about several components in green tea (catechins, I believe they are called) that they believe help with PD...the catechins have been isolated by several companies and are sold as EGCG, or maybe it's ECGC. However it is abbreviated, I prefer getting my catechins the old-fashioned way, in a mug of steamy tea!

By LOHENGR1N On 2013.01.08 23:41
Trapper, They have said for years that Caffeine helps People with Parkinson's Disease as does Nicotine. With many trials and tests supporting it. However main stream medical wisdom frowns upon the usage of both so you won't hear much about it unless you're on a Parkinson's Disease specific site. I once had an Internist tell me I should cut out all nicotine and caffeine because it causes the "jitters" in People! I just stared at him and said I have Parkinson's disease (which he already knew) causing my tremor NOT caffeine causing jitters!

By mylove On 2013.01.09 00:51
I will try to point Shakydog towards this post. He's got good insight on both caffeine and nicotine. The short answer is - yes - it does help some people. I can only answer for ourselves.

By jcoff012 On 2013.01.09 19:49
Trapper, I don't have any stats, but my MIL was a huge coffee and Coke drinker, and my husband has been a tea and several cans a day Coke drinker...and it didn't seem to help either of them. In fact, his neuro told him to cut back.

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