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By VioletV On 2013.01.14 20:15
I hope this isn't off topic--but my husband has had edema in his lower legs for years, as well as pain in the bottoms of his feet. They wondered if he had neuropathy in his feet, but he doesn't. And as for the edema, they had put him on a very strong diuretic

We've had success with both of these problems. After almost a year of gentle hinting (he does not embrace new things easily) I got him to visit a pedorthist--a professional shoe fitter. It turns out he's been wearing shoes at least 1 1/2 sizes too small--for years!! New shoes, bigger shoes, well fitted to his feet (and much cuter than the clunkers he used to wear) and he does not have foot pain at all --despite serious bunion, toe amputation from years ago etc. What a joy.

The second small success has been with the edema. He started seeing an acupuncturist as a possible help with the dyskinesia and resulting anxiety which have been so difficult. The dyskinesia is pretty much unchanged, but his anxiety is so much lower after the acupuncture and Chinese herbs that it's a real relief. The big surprise is that the edema is gone -- entirely gone after three sessions of acupuncture. And, the anxiety is greatly diminished.

We saw a new PD specialist at the regional PD Center of Excellence, and have great hopes for her approach to assessing and dealing with/minimizing the dyskinesia. I'll post about those results after a week or so.

What a help it is to have this forum. Thanks to all of you for being there.


By carman96 On 2013.01.14 22:15
Congratulations! Any success no matter how small is a cause for celebration.

By parkinit On 2013.01.18 20:04
Glad you found some relief! Thanks for sharing.

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