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By Trusting On 2013.01.15 20:53
I was able to retire in early September of last year. At that time my PWP was becoming disoriented, moving very sluggishly, and was in much pain all the time. I felt I needed to be home with him in case he fell or just did something that could cause an accident. He was doing strange things and I worried about him running lawn mowers and such.

I began to concentrate on his diet and want to report that he seems so much better. He doesn't seem disoriented, he's moving more quickly, he has a little pep in his step and just seems more like his old self.

I am using a lot of coconut oil, lots of veggies and fruits and have been trying to get rid of preservatives in our diet. I know there are studies with alzheimers and coconut oil and patients are responding well to it. Have any of you tried this with your Parkinson's partners? I want to start journaling the diet and the progress.

Is it common for a Parkinsons patient to have times when they seem to get better or could the diet really be playing an important roll in his better health?

By lurkingforacure On 2013.01.15 22:21
Dr. Walls put her ms right into remission with 9 cups of veggies a day and can read her story in "minding my mitochondria", the book she wrote about her story.

We eat very well and I cannot say my husband is better...maybe his progression is slower because of that . But we have unfortunately progressed quite a bit in the last year or two, healthy diet notwithstanding.

Coconut oil helps us with constipation but did not seem to do much else...but everyone is different. If it helps your guy, keep on!

By LOHENGR1N On 2013.01.15 23:56
Trusting, One thing you mention is you're eating lots more of fruits and veggies now. Adding them has probably cut back a bit on protein. Watching protein will help PDer's. Even if you don't cut back on protein timing when you eat it with regards to taking medicines (Carba-Dopa, Sinemet) esp.

The reason we watch protein is: If you think of the blood stream as a freight train with coal cars and box cars hauling nutrients throughout our body, The dopamine in Sinemet piggy backs molecules (coal cars) to ride across the blood brain barrier, however protein also rides these same exact kind of molecules (coal cars) through the blood stream. So eating a lot of protein or eating it close to taking medicine it competes with dopamine to get on these coal cars and if protein has taken them less of our medicine can get into our brains where we need it.

Keep up the good work and healthy diet whatever is causing the feeling better enjoy it while it lasts every "good" day with PD is a bonus. Take care, best of luck and hang in there

By Trusting On 2013.01.17 19:00
We probably have cut back on protein. I have been trying to incorporate more veggies and fruits and make more casseroles and such. The preservatives is what I have really tried to get rid of and yes, that's the hard part.

Another plus is his constipation is under control. That was always a huge problem. I know that would make anyone feel better.

I appreciate learning anything from everyone here that is helping or has helped your PWP.

By GladIhavehorses On 2013.01.18 00:30
Lo, I have seen many of your past post and helpful answers to others questions.I love the examples you use to describe what you are talking about. You should be on Doctor OZ. Anyway I understand you have been dealing with Parkinsons for quite a while now but you don't say much as to how YOU are doing. Care to share?

By jaxrock On 2013.01.18 07:32
Oh, yes, I agree with the diet being a very important part of my husband's daily PD struggle.

He, too, is now eating a lot of fruits and veggies......less red meat....(he missed it at first, but is used to this new way of eating now...)

Also, constipation is much less of an issue as well.

One item I've found that really helps............soups.

I make a cabbage soup with all sorts of veggies......and chicken stock (Martha Stewart cabbage soup recipe is on the internet....)

We have that for dinner seems to really be helpful as well as delicious...Any veggie soup would be good, I'm sure...

Also, stewed prunes, apple slices, and lots of water - with breakfast helps.

Good for you! Changing someone's diet isn't easy, but it certainly helps someone with PD!

We still go out for lunch or dinner with friends...we're just more careful with what we eat.

Good Luck and Good Eating!

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