For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By GladIhavehorses On 2013.01.17 02:25
I posted earlier about my wanting to know how much Time I and we have before my hubby's PD takes over our lives. Well after spending many nites till 2 am reading past post, I have come to a dicision. We have decided to move on with our plans. As I explained before, we breed a rare breed of horse and were planning to rebreed our mares this spring.So yes we are going to proceed because my husband isn't in as bad of shape as others and my mares are getting older and so am I. The new foals for next year ( horses have 11 month gestation) will be a exciting pleasant distraction to PD. Our adult children and our barn groupies are all looking forward to the new bouncing bundles of life. The foals are already spoken for so they will be going to their new homes before next winter. Getting back to normal for the time being at least.

By jcoff012 On 2013.01.17 09:32
I applaud your decision, Glad. I know it is hard to keep going, but as long as you have plenty of help, perhaps, for now, this is the right path. My only suggestion would be to fully understand that in the future, you will have to get more and more help. He will not be able to take on his current responsibilities.

I truly think one of the hardest things for us as caregivers is to realize that this disease will NOT get better, only worse. It is hard to see it coming when you are in the middle of it. However, we have the unique knowledge of watching my MIL over 22 years...and knowing what is coming. She was bright and funny til the last two years...but more limited in mobility and clarity.

Good luck...and ASK for help when you need it.

By carman96 On 2013.01.17 18:29
Good luck to you. It does sound exciting to expect new babies!
My husband and I had several "honeymoon" years of PD where he progressed quite slowly. Do as much as you can while you can. You will know when it is time to slow down.

By GladIhavehorses On 2013.01.18 00:16
Thanks. We did a lot of travelling before his Dx. but one thing we did as soon after his Dx was to take that Europeon Cruise we always wanted to do. At that time he was already haveing problems with anxiety so I had to make sure I took care of all the arrangements and every thing went off without a catch. I am glad we did because 4 years later we went to Florida and that is when I realized our travel days we done. Which is okay with me.
My daughter and granddaughter who are also involved in the horses are my greatest supporters and help. Us girls pretty much take care of most of the chores involved. Hubby likes the horses and finds them funny. He likes driving the tractors.LOL He moves too slowly to be any where near them.
When we take them to the shows or on exhibit, he likes talking to the people that come visit our booth. This is good for him because he tends to get antisocial at time, not wanting to attend different functions. I need these outings just to keep in contact with people who don't deal with that Parkinsons.
I don;t know if others experience what I have which is when friends ask how my hubby is doing and I tell them the truth, they tend to want to have less to do with you, So now when they ask I just say he is doing GREAT. They don't need to know at this point what troubles us.

By parkinit On 2013.01.18 20:47
I agree. Sieze life while you can and squeeze as much enjoyment out of it as possible! We traveled, cruised, went to lots of parties, and generally had a good time because we knew we would be in the buckle down phase at some point in our lives. We are there now.

Do enjoy all you can! You won't regret one minute.

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