For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By sistergirl On 2013.02.05 14:24
I am new to this forum and blessed to have found it. Would someone please talk about the bathing problems with PD. My husband was diagnosed 5 years ago. Eating and bathing are now becoming a problem. Eating is terrible, food everywhere, on the floor and all over him. I have learned how to handle the food problem, but the bathing is difficult.

By McCall On 2013.02.05 16:54
TO me the best bet is to have a large enough roll in shower, or at least low threshhold one with a bath seat in the shower or transfer seat, and a hand held shower wand.
That way you can roll the PD person in or transfer them with seat and either they can wash themselves with minor assistance of if need be the caretaker can enter the shower to help/bath them. Having a bathroom that is basically hosedown also helps, but unless you are rebuilding your bathroom, [which I am] then that is probably not an option but it helps a lot with toilet mishaps as well as bathing.

By jcoff012 On 2013.02.05 17:42
As my mother in law's PD progressed, she became increasing frightened of passing through the shower entrance each morning. It wasn't until I arrived to help out, that anyone seemed to have the knowledge that passing through doorways or going into a confined area was a problem for a great many PWP.

So, what we did was refit the shower and make it very simple to enter and put in a shower radio with soft music playing. We had her sit on the closed toilet seat until she was comfortable listening to the music, then had her go in and sit and relax...She loved being clean, so I suppose that seeing us trying to make it comfortable with pleasant smelling soaps, soft longhandled brushes and the soft music helped her immensely.

I do agree...make sure there are no bathmats (prevent falls) and if your bathroom is carpeted, remove it...I had many cleanups after a relaxing shower, as you can imagine, her comfortable feeling became an all over pleasure and release from the daily tension and stress...We made the cleanup simple, too, buy installing handrails and a long hose shower head to rinse her off....

Hope that isn't too graphic for anyone, but it is life and sometimes the simplest corrections to a shower setup can bring great relief and even joy to the PWP. Jane

By LOHENGR1N On 2013.02.05 18:53
sistergirl, Hi and welcome to the forum. I'll let these great caregivers/partners dispense their acquired wisdom on the bathing/showering as they know more tricks than I. You mentioned eating and bathing the only thing I would suggest with both, adjusting the times for these activities to when His medicine is working best. For the bath He'll be more mobile in and out and while doing. Eating He will be able to control the utensils better and get the food to his mouth easier with less spillage, more nutrition and less aggravation all around, and less chance of choking. Timing everything is a pain but the difference it can and does make is worth it. Again welcome to the forum. Take care, best of luck and hang in there

We're all in the same game; Just different levels.
Dealing with the same Hell; Just different devils

By annieb5767 On 2013.02.19 16:20
We had problems transferring at bathtime. My love could not understand the requests that we made for him to grab the bar,step into the shower,etc.
We got a wonderful bath chair that slides on a track. The chair seat turns (pivots) to face out of the tub. Then,with the push of a button, it turns so that he is sideways in the tub. Then, we push a button on the back of the seat and the seat glides along the track moving him into the tub- and back out of the tub. This has been a lifesaver for us.

By jcoff012 On 2013.02.19 17:09
Annie, where did you find this? Thanks.

By annieb5767 On 2013.03.01 11:21
The VA got it for us. It is The Snap N Save. It is made by Sorry it took me so long to reply. I just got back on the site today.

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