For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By LOHENGR1N On 2013.02.20 00:12
knoosy, I don't have to sit and ponder why I reacted the way I did. The introspective, self-examining school of thought presented? I have seen this before in many chats, forums and boards. The school of thought, delving into our past repressed actions and areas always leaves those presenting it an out. You/They (Patients) didn't delve deep enough, go far enough to uncover the cause and thus cure it. Now remember when reading this part You brought up faith (shocking the pants off readers? Really?) Not unlike faith healing, not cured? You (patients) don't have enough, or a deep enough faith to be cured. And You're right I personally don't like that. I've seen too many shattered lives and broken loved ones wondering and blaming themselves for not believing or not being able to go deep enough to discover the source of their dis-ease and thus cure themselves. And always when asked the blame was placed back upon them. To be dangled like a carrot hanging from a stick just out of reach to be strived for and not gotten. Then those left, their friends are left to buoy Them up, to try to patch the deep scars left behind by these miracle works as they search for other fertile grounds to sow their seeds. knoosy I do believe in treating the whole person also. But not in a way one can walk away from dismissing failure to the patients lack of faith or lack of ability to dig deep into the sub-conscious. Intimating they were given the cure too bad they couldn't do it. I also believe many symptoms of the disease are from the underlying progression and that all the rooting around in our subconscious isn't going to halt them.

You chastise posters to preface their post with In my opinion or I believe and then post your ideas as fact (because they're written on the Internet? Sorry not all written online is true or fact). I think You should pratice what you preach. Preface your points as "This person states" you mistake silence as weakness which it isn't. Now you question these good peoples faith and preach to them? You may open Pandora's box upon yourself if you keep going (just a word to the wise). A very telling statement you never agree to disagree? Your way or the highway? You're right? My, my I have refrained from posting as a couple of friends asked to just let it all die down. But I see you won't let it lie you keep hammering on about your view. This is turning into an environment of un-ease as posters who don't agree with or question your view are set upon, having their religion questioned, being told by you how they should post I could go on but most know it.

By dans316 On 2013.02.20 15:57

Many times when we were going out, my wife would experience freezing episodes and what was normally about a 2-3 minute walk would take about 15 minutes.
Strange but when returning she did not experience freezing episodes nor some of the slowness exhibited when exiting. Also, once reaching the door when exiting, she was back to "normal"

By Reflection On 2013.02.20 16:50
Amen, Lohengrin (Al). Thank you.

By trapper On 2013.02.20 20:51

I'm afraid that your long rambling posts have turned into Verbal Diarrhea.


By dkleinert On 2013.02.20 23:19
LOHENGR1N - again as always you are the voice of reason. My dear Mother, who professed to be a "strong Christian" went to her grave believing that God did not heal her of her metastisized ovarian cancer because she didn't have enough "faith". I was so sad for her. She had decided not to seek medical attention when she was told almost 3 years before that she had a tumor in her abdomen. She was in denial. Finally, when it painfully took her life, she still continued to hold onto the belief that any minute now her god would heal her, and if not, she had done something wrong.

I am a Christian. I believe God is a loving, kind God who gives us free will to do as we choose with the life He has given us.

Yes, there may be alternative ways to become healed from diseases such as PD - I would never say there are not. And the medical community does not have all of the answers. However, you are so correct in the way so many people think of others who do not think as they do.....we all should live with the belief system that works for us and exercise the free will God has given to all of us. Thanks again, Al.

By carman96 On 2013.02.20 23:57
Yes my husbands Pd was caused by a trauma in his past. It was called Agent Orange!! He probably is genetically predisposed to it but he and many others were poisoned by our government. He was a door gunner for two tours in Vietnam. So that's pretty traumatic but. I don't believe for a second it is anything else.
I do believe in a mind body connection for some things but not for Pd.

By carman96 On 2013.02.21 00:03
And the freezing thing? Not caused by fear in my opinion. Just the body not getting messages from the brain fast enough.

By parkinit On 2013.02.22 17:59
Knoosy -

You've written a book here (maybe you should??). I'm exhausted by all this written in a forum, frankly, and want to get back to the task of supporting and sharing with my other PD caregivers in positive manner.

I've chased many tails trying to find that "PD cure" and unless there are facts, data, studies, and trials to support the findings, count me out.

Thanks you.

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