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By VioletV On 2013.02.08 01:26
I feel like Roseanne RosannaDanna--"It's always something!"

My husband is still dealing with dyskinesia-though under the care of a new neurologist. He'd been tinkering with his Sinemet - changing dosage, schedule, with food, without almost every day (sigh) until I explained to him that constant calls to the doctor to ask what to do and then not doing what she suggested were sure to lead to her becoming impatient.

So he's now on the regular schedule of Sinemet that she suggested, accompanied by a predictable onset of dyskinesia about 80-95 minutes after each dose. We are managing it with guided relaxations and meditations which I recorded onto CD for him (after having done them "live" for several days in a row -- slow learner me. Luckily the meditations allow him to sleep most of the night, with no midnight dyskinesia, but it still takes a huge toll three times a day.

We also got him a Theracycle, which he's just begun to use. I'm hoping that he'll get some relief from that.

Are there other strategies for getting through the awful writhing? We have medical marijuana here, but I am wary of that.

By LOHENGR1N On 2013.02.09 09:15
Violet, sounds to me like He might be sensitive to Sinemet. Run it by His Neurologist if there is a time frame of 80 to 95 minutes then it starts She might be able to adjust the dose to a little less each time but closer together or controlled release may work better for your husband. Call Her up and ask to either have Her see him or at least discuss it over the phone with Her. Take notes of the timing (when the dosage and how long before dyskinesia starts) have them handy when you either talk to Her or next see Her. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

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