For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jcoff012 On 2013.02.13 09:58

Since last Friday, my husband has had a horrible cold/flu...He has kept us both up most of the nights since Friday with his cough, vomiting, etc. because he won't go to the doctor. Therein is the problem.

I am really worried that he has pneumonia. He sounds as bad as I was in December and at that time he wouldn't allow ME to go out or be around our grandson. Yesterday and today, I am driving up to their home (a half hour away) to take care of our grandson, but he isn't going...NOT like him.

Should I be concerned or am I overreacting because he has PD? I never seem to know.

I try my best to allow him to manage his own health care and most of you know we are in this for only four years, far from experts in PD and treatments. However, I value your opinions and rely on all of your collective experiences.

If I should just back off and allow him to have the flu or whatever this is and let him handle it, please tell me...It is VERY like him to not go to the doctor in the past when sick...

Again, as always, TIA. Hugs and love, Jane

By mylove On 2013.02.14 23:12
Well.... new studies say the average cough lasts 18 days no matter what you do, but if your spouse is anything like mine, you know what the 'normal' cold cough sounds like and when it seems like something worse. I'd be inclined to follow your intuition. I'd rather find out he was okay and that it was a wasted trip, than to put it off long enough that he was sick with something like pneumonia that might put him in the hospital (with all of the assorted challenges of that aspect).

And... I DO pull rank when I feel like I need to. I try not to abuse the 'privelege', because like you, I let him make his own health care decisions. For the most part, I figure if he's competent enough to titrate his med doses then he's competent enough to figure out when he's sicker than he should be. But guys are guys sometimes, and they don't want to look 'weak', so they don't go. Then I think it's your privelege to say "You're at least going to go get checked out... and do it for me, so I can quit worrying." Fair enough.

By Lynnie2 On 2013.02.17 16:41
I hope you get it looked after and it isn't pneumonia and he feels better soon.
.Speaking of pneumonia, I was wondering if you have heard of an Pneumonia shot?
I am diabetic and recently my doctor thought I should have one. I am also a senior in my 60's, but the fact I am diabetic might be a reason he wanted me to get the shot too, (I'm not sure)
The shots are free in our province, and the nurse administered it right after my appointment. It is supposed to be good for life, so I don't have to have it ever again.

For Parkinson's patient, they are even more inclined to have breathing problems and maybe we should look into it for our husbands too.

My husband has had PD for 5 years and doesn't have breathing problems now, but recently he had an xray on his lungs after his physical. I think the doctor just wanted to check things out. Everything was okay though.

I think the next time we see the MDS I'll ask him about it, so maybe it is something to think about for your husband too.

By jcoff012 On 2013.02.17 18:06
Actually, he is much better...I know that eventually he will have to have immediate help, with or without his permission. But, as long as he is reasonable, I will try to go along with his wishes.

To answer your question, yes, I have heard of the Mom is diabetic and gets it every year...I will be 65 in July, she is 94 in November...longevity!

Thank you for your thoughts...we are so happy to have found a place with kind people who share their experiences and knowledge. Hugs and good luck! Jane

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