For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jcoff012 On 2013.02.17 18:51
What makes you smile? What makes your PWP smile? Are they the same things? Do you find laughter and humor daily?

I know there are many times that we are saddened by the day to day progression of PD. But, as I prepare for my own annual cancer checkup on Friday, I have to wonder what brings joy and/or laughter to your life.

You see, as my beautiful, kind, loving doctor and my oncology team enforced in my brain, we ALL need to laugh out loud EVERY day. We relieve stress, bring down negativity, and mostly feel better!

Today, I watched my husband making Chicken Satay for lunch...and I broke out in gales of laughter...He was taste testing and kept saying, "It doesn't taste good. It's bland." (We are on Weight Watchers, so it was their recipe).

I had to laugh because all the time he was saying that, he had forgotten to add in the main ingredient, the peanut butter! I laughed, and, after three attempts, said, "Well, it MIGHT help to add the peanut butter, otherwise it is just oil, cilantro and onions!" HE laughed, "Oh, yea..." LOLOL...Maybe you had to be there!

Hugs, Jane

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