For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jcoff012 On 2013.02.23 16:32
Ha! Now that I have your attention...

Was lying in bed in our hotel this morning, and this question kept running through my mind...NO ONE is prepared for caregiving, so what makes everyone here so special? We all have interests other than caregiving, we all have passions...what are they? Would you share yours? I truly think we all need to be kind to ourselves and indulge in our passions and celebrate them...We all want to be kind, decent people for our PWP...but we need to celebrate each others' strengths. Think about it...dream. It truly helps.

For me, I have several...I think I am part fish...give me the ocean and Hawaii and I am at peace. I am special because I am able to translate the Aloha spirit into my life...I am a trained florist, so I am able to make stunning arrangements, decorate our surroundings, and I have learned to cook like a Hawaiian!

Also, what makes me special is I am able to remain positive and can accept life as it comes. Do I wish we didn't have to go down this path? Of course. But, I am able to help my husband remain positive because I let him know I accept the changes as they come.

How about you? What makes you special?

By mylove On 2013.02.23 17:45
Tenacity. LOL

But seriously... let me think. Special skills? Creativity, an ability to think outside the box, and a hunger for knowledge.

Positivity, just like you mentioned. I'm the cheerleader of our household.

And most of all? A deep, abiding love for this man, who would give his heart and soul for me, and the desire not only to ease his pain but to make his life easier, even as we travel this road. He has a disease he didn't ask for and rarely complains about, and my greatest motivator in life is to make him happy and comfortable, and that he knows that he is cherished, loved and not a burden.

Some days I do better than others. I could give you as long a list of my failings, but that's another post. ;)

Great idea. I think we need to stop a moment sometimes and celebrate our own worth. We are - ALL - caregivers and patients alike - so much more than PD.

By jcoff012 On 2013.02.23 18:33
Great answers, Michlle!but, you forgot one...your beautiful MUST bring beauty and light into both of your lives and provide a place to go, even if in your mind....;*
Love, Jane

lIKE the tenacity! Great answer!

By mylove On 2013.02.23 21:55
It does! :) That and quilting (slow, peaceful and orderly) keep me sane.

Although right now I'm going 90mph trying to have enough paintings finished for my first gallery show in April. If anyone's interested I'll post a link as it gets closer. Bonus points to anyone who can find the Easter eggs in each painting that have personal significance to this group. :)

By carman96 On 2013.02.24 08:37
Yes please post a link for your artwork! Art must be a wonderful way to express yourself.
I guess we are all special in certain ways. I never think of myself as special. Just a fairly normal person trying to get through each day without going bonkers!
I have been a master gardener for almost 20 years. We are dedicated to educating the public about gardening using University of California researched information. We built a beautiful demonstration garden by our county courthouse. We give talks and have plant sales and other events. I really enjoy it and have met some wonderful people. That is my way of getting out of the house and doing something constructive!

By parkinit On 2013.02.24 13:34
I would love to see the art work. Please post!

I believe my "gift" if you will is being a servant. No, not literally, but first I worked in customer service, then I worked supporting customer service (in a technical way), and now I volunteer in the nonprofit industry: maintaining a web page, serving on a board, and continuing to ensure a nonprofit my husband and I founded several years ago continues on with our vision and mission.

By jcoff012 On 2013.02.24 13:52
Park, what kind of on profit...yet another amazing coincidence...I created and ran a nonprofit literacy foundation! Lol

By Trusting On 2013.02.24 20:12
I have been called an eternal optomist. I don't ever want to get old and cranky! I love to craft, especially garden art. I sew, love to cook, enjoy the outdoors, pets, and like staying busy.

I love my family and have a deep trust in God. I have recently retired and am loving every minute of it. Even though I know we have an uncertain future, I try to cherish each day.

Thanks for this post. It helps me to know who you caregivers are and feel a little connection with you other than caregivers.

By jcoff012 On 2013.02.24 20:25
Trusting, your name says it! Trusting with good friends, I bet! ;)

Did you mean garden and art, or do you mean garden art? I find either way fascinating. I am an Art Academy trained commercial artist, too...but, got married, had four, I used my art in floral design and in my classroom/computer lab in later years. Now, it's mostly in decorating and helping our adult kids to decorate their homes.

Isn't it fun learning more about each other? ;) Hugs, Jane

By GladIhavehorses On 2013.02.26 00:44
Well it is pretty plane to see what makes US the caregiver! Past practice. Wether it be gardening which entails taking CARE of plants, or pets which have to be cared for , children constantly need to be cared for even as adults or any teaching, charity or voulenteer work involves giving up our time to help others. So there it is. We were destined to be our partners Caregiver.

By parkinit On 2013.02.26 22:44
Jane -

It is an academic mentoring/scholarship nonprofit for promising students (6-12 grades) who come from economically challenging homes and are normally first generation college grads in their families. They are taught the importance of giving back to the community through the required volunteer activities. Also, they are taught about finances and making good choices through other sub programs.

By Trusting On 2013.03.02 22:04
Jcoff, I love garden and garden art. I enjoyed these posts getting an insiders look at your lives. Thanks.

By jcoff012 On 2013.03.03 12:48
Trusting, so do I, because no matter how selfless a caregiver can be, they are still a person with needs and ambitions!

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