For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By oshroshr On 2013.03.09 11:57
My husband can barely move when lying down. However we got a new chiro and she said he should. We had resolved many issues with the lazyboy and now he wants to get a bed.

What bed? Is the sleep number a good choice? adjustable? Chiro and pt say it should be orthopedic. But the limitations and the all the bed pads necessary make it hard to pick, They are very expensive so hoping someone has tried and found a good one. HELP

By jcoff012 On 2013.03.09 18:27
Waiting to get responses, too, thanks for posting...we bought the Lazyboy, too, but my husband is thinking about the sleep number bed, too...our problem is we bought a new, king size bed two years ago, and I hate replacing you said, a BIG investment.

By Pearly4 On 2013.03.10 10:31
Just a quick reply - we cared for my mother and searched for solutions for her. We found an adjustable bed which she thought would work but later discovered due to her dementia that the controls were way beyond her capabilities. And she found the mattress to be too warm (it was a foam mattress to better accommodate the "folding"). We soon resorted to her old bed and mattress and later found no permanent solution. At times she resorted to sleeping on the mattress only which was placed on the floor (she feared falling out of bed) and placing the mattress on the floor not only accommodated that fear but allowed her to crawl in and out more easily. She then used a nearby sturdy chair to rise to a standing position. She "graduated" to mattress and box springs on the floor, then returned to the bed in its normal placement. Eventually we rotated back around again.

Before you buy an expensive adjustable bed, can you try renting and using a normal hospital bed? It would allow you to try it without big expense, most services will deliver and set up as well. Might even be covered in part by medical insurance.

By Threadhead On 2013.03.12 08:41

By lilflower On 2013.03.13 21:58
We had a queen size sleep number for over 12 years at a one time we called it our cloud it was so comfortable. But as my husbands PD progressed it went from comfortable to upsetting. whenever he shifted his weight to try to move or sit up the mattress would move also. So we finally let the air out and put it away and purchased a king size firm mattress and it works for several reasons. It is firm as I said which makes it easier to get up with the help of a bed cane, he still has trouble rolling over but has adjusted to sleeping on his back. And with a larger bed when he has physical dreams , when he starts swinging his arms , I can roll over to the other side of the bed away from his reach and roll back over to him when we want to cuddle.

By trapper On 2013.03.13 22:20

We live in Manitoba Canada and my wife has Home Care come in 5 times a week. Plus, they have supplied us with a hospital bed that is covered by the Provincial Home Care Program.

I don't know where you live but it would be worth checking out to see if you have such a program available to you.

My wife has had Parkinson's for almost ten years and I was also diagnosed with the damn disease last year. She is 73 and I am 77.

Hope this is of some help.

By Trusting On 2013.03.14 22:50
We were fortunate to purchase a sleep number bed at an auction. I thought it would really help my husband. It has pros and cons. He does like sleeping in a slightly elevated position but I'm not sure it has helped him as much as we thought. It's pros are it sits high off the floor so it is easier to get into (not having to get down so low), can elevate his head and shoulders, and when the time comes can sit him up all the way.

Cons are they are expensive, foam mattress topper can be a little warm. Over all we like it a lot. I think they will let you try a sleep number bed for 30 days so you can try it out.

By lurkingforacure On 2013.03.16 18:28
My tw cents: after over ten years we finally just replaced the king bed with a 100percent pitch here, but they are very pricey and I ordered ours from foam because you can build it however firm you want. Our old bed was way soft and my hubby could not shift around at night as he would get can get three inch layers ranging from soft to hard and build it as high as you like in increments of three inches. It is still very expensive, but was less than the good bed we bought over a decade ago and over a thousand dollars less than buying it local, just FYI. He loves it, too, he still does not sleep well, but at least he does not get into a fight with the bed every night, trying to turn over or shift.

By sistergirl On 2013.03.18 13:58
My husband has had PD for 5 years and we have struggled with beds for him. DO NOT GET A SLEEP NUMBER BED as we tried it and it was terrible for him. We sold it on Craigs List and lost money on it. We got him a very firm regular mattress and put a regular foam mattress on top. This allowed him easy access to getting in and out. We also have a free standing trapeze bar which he uses over the home bed which is wonderful. It is not attached to the bed at all. We rented it through insurance and after paying rental on it for a year, it was then ours to keep. It will support up to 450 pounds. He is now able to get in and out very easily. The memory foam anything is not good for PD. They have to crawl out of it to move or get up. Hope this helps. I paid about $300 for his very firm queen mattress and $30 for the foam topper.

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