For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By McCall On 2013.03.12 19:18
I know at some point my husband is going to need to go on long term disability at work and so on SS disability as well. So I was reading up on it and I found
this site, which has a form that you can fill out periodically and bring to your doctor to add his notes etc. and keep in your medical records, this way you have a good record of deterioration and additional problems that crop up over time.

My husband was diagnosed one year ago, though clearly he had it longer, but has already deteriorated a lot in that one year, though he can still function and go to work, but his commute is 2 1/2 hours each way, and his driving is getting worse as well. So I know the day will come when disabilty is the only way.

Anyway I thought perhaps the site with the form might be of help to some of you and I hope it is not breaking rules here to post it.

By layleerudylille On 2013.03.13 09:37
Thank You McCall for posting this website. My husband was also diagnosed one year ago, and I too can see a change from a year ago. He drives almost 2 hrs to work. We pray he can work until retirement. Dr. says its a possibility. But should things happen, this site will help if needed. God Bless you and all of our PDP family

By lilflower On 2013.03.13 22:08
My husband worked 4 years after his diagnosis as a heavy equipment mechanic, talk about worry. When the time came that he new it was no longer safe we went to talk with his dr. This is exactly what the Dr said. First the Dr signed papers saying he was no longer able to work. Then he instructed us to get the forms from social security and only list his name on the S.S.D forms because he was his neuro and he was the one treating him for PD which was the cause of his disability. We followed his instructions filled out the forms and six months later my husband got his first ssd check. We even moved to a different state during the process which I thought would cause problems but I called and reported the change of address and had no problems. Hope this info helps.

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