For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By mylove On 2013.03.14 09:13
Well, it's the year of big changes. Now that he is a couple of months retired, I suddenly fell into a dream job 350 miles away. After a lot of soul searching, he talked me into leaving the toxic work environment that has dogged us both for so long and taking the new job, which promises to be a better place. At least I won't be coming home mad every night....I fervently hope.

But - here we go leaving our 'forever home' for a little rental half the size, with two cats, a neurotic whippet, and a dachshund that has spent the last month prostrate with a slipped disc and biweekly physical therapy. I'm leaving three weeks before my big art show, for which I'm still short six paintings that need to be finished. And we are doing it mostly on our own.

The upside is a more vibrant community with lots more to do than the staying at home we have been doing. It's two hours closer to the Parkinson's center. And closer to our youngest college student, who has been sick with pneumonia in a strange city.

Any words of encouragement for two ragged individuals trying to cram a years worth of work in two weeks? :). He's doing an amazing job on his own during the day. I'm so proud of him. But I know we can't keep up this pace forever. We have had some help from family, thank heavens. I THINK we'll be ready for the moving can next week.

Until then, it's mega vitamins and coffee. Ugh. New life - gotta be better than the transition, right?

By jcoff012 On 2013.03.14 13:39
Michelle, I'm so glad you took the job; it was hard to not comment before now...let me tell you, from personal experience...We moved ourselves over 400 miles...took us three rental truck fulls, and four pick up truck fulls, but we did it!

One thing to UHaul they have a service you might consider...they have men at both ends of the trip who will do whatever you need...we packed most of the boxes, but they did all the furniture, big items, and loaded the trucks...two nice men met us at the house to unload and setup...they are paid by the hour, so plan ahead to maximize time. Go to and you will find info 2 hours at each end was enough and kept Carl from loading, and better yet, kept him from climbing stairs at either end...and

CONGRATIONS! Life is full of challenges..make the most of it and you will THRIVE on less stress! Love to you and Ben!

By mylove On 2013.03.14 15:01

Right now we're looking at one load/one truck but it's $2900 for the whole thing, loaded, if we pack.

By jcoff012 On 2013.03.14 18:09
It was TWO loads of a large UHaul and two men at at each end...twice...I don't remember the total, but I bet they can calculate it for you...just. Consideration...when we moved from the Valley to N Ca, the university paid an it wa $10,000+ ten years ago! Since he was retiring, we were on our own this time! Carl loaded up a LOT of boxes, etc...just a suggestion...we found out about the extra help from our daughter...

By Trusting On 2013.03.14 22:59
Congratulations on your new job and thanks for all this info. We are preparing to move from our present home of 44 years into an home that will put us on one floor and roomier in case my husband ever needs a wheel chair. Trying to think ahead, but all this remodeling and planning is exhausting. (He is unable to help with most of it)

I'm feeling guilty b/c I have to leave him in the daytime while doing painting, cleaning, etc. but I'm sure it will be worth it when it's done. Good luck to you and your move. I'm sure everything will work out good for you.

By mylove On 2013.03.14 23:56
I totally understand. That's what we will be looking for in our next home as well. It IS exhausting. I'm sorry to have to leave this house. It has a big open floor plan and lots of wiiiiiide doorways, plus a big master suite with an open bathroom. If you have a choice, that's what to search for. A master suite gives you lots more options as far as mobility. All we would have had to do in this house is remove a garden tub and extend the shower. We even built a ramp in the garage into the house, because my daughter was in a wheelchair for several months following an injury. Oh well... we can start over.

Think of it this way when you feel guilty and overwhelmed. It's what I keep trying to remind myself. If you do it now, it's hard. If you wait till later, it may be impossible. You're thinking ahead. That's half the battle. Hugs!

By parkinit On 2013.03.16 12:06
Hang in there. Exciting life changes!! Keep your eye on the future and the exciting things that will hold.

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