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By parkinit On 2013.03.16 12:33
I searched on this web site and this topic hasn't been a recent topic, but it may be something many of you will face (I already do face this) with your PWPs. We share the symptoms, but have never put a name to it. My spouse experiences hypomania-like symptoms (however, hypomania is stated to last 4 days or more which is not the case; his only last for 2-6 hours). It appears that this is called dopamine dysregulation syndrome (DDS) - which has been discussed previously on this board.

I always just said he was "high on his meds," but when reading about DDS, this is exactly what he is experiencing.

Punding is what I was calling OCD, but after reading this article, I understand it is punding. Many of our PWPs create chaos when they are excessively focused on one task or hobby. This is punding, not OCD.

Read the articles, it was very helpful to me. Hope it helps you, too.

Dopamine dysregulation / punding article:
Hypomanic episode:

Here is another good article on mania / hypomania:

By Freespirit On 2013.03.19 08:46
Very interesting, Parkinit. I went through this with my husband a few years ago. At the time, I did not know what was going on, but he was dismantling everything in our house (and couldn't put anything back together, of course). I would come home from work, and our toilet would be laying on the bathroom floor completely dismantled! He dismantled our lawnmower! He would stay out in the garage for hours, even when it was dark, would not come in and eat dinner. He was very beligerant when I tried to intervene. I thought I was going crazy during that time. Long story short, he was in dopamine dysregulation. He would guzzle pop like crazy - something he NEVER did before. We had to cut him off of Amantadine, which was acting as an accelerant to the anti-depressant and Sinement CR. We had to hospitalize him and bring him off of everything, basically, and start over. It was the worst time of our journey with PD.

By mytngenes On 2013.03.19 12:38
Oh yes! We are in the throes of experiencing each one of these. I was going to post a message about the false-euphoric state and mania created by high doses of dopamine. My PWP had a horrific incident of this yesterday!

Thank you for the links to the articles. They were very helpful to me.

By Freespirit On 2013.03.19 12:51
My heart goes out to you, my friend. Hope you can get it resolved quickly.

By cmonge On 2013.03.25 21:58
I have had a few of these periods with my husband, heightened by the fact that he is bipolar! They were a nightmare. He can no longer take any meds for PD. It's very sad because despite having DBS, he is declining faster and it really messed him up.

By parkinit On 2013.03.26 20:30
Sherri - I'm glad they helped.

My husband had DBS, too. It was good for about a year, but he was very sensitive to any adjustments, therefore, they couldn't adjust it much. It has been years and they don't really want to touch it anymore.

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