For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By NWH On 2013.03.16 13:53
I own a small cheese shop that has a bistro side to it. About once a month a gentleman comes in with Parkinson's and sits with his wife and family. Seeing that 99 percent of our clientele are adults we have no smaller glasses but I have noticed him struggling with them. Any recommendations for a glass or cup I can have on hand for him when he comes in would be greatly appreciated.


By blue2 On 2013.03.16 15:24
My husband prefers using a straw in an adult-sized glass. A glass or mug with a handle is also an option.

By dans316 On 2013.03.16 15:25
Looking for a coffee cup that would allow my wife to avoid spilling, I saw mugs with two handles. She didn't want them, but maybe that would help your customer. She also had trouble drinking out of a glass as it became empty. Easy solution was to give her a straw:)

By jcoff012 On 2013.03.16 17:30
I agree. A straw works well. Sometimes, just holding ONTO the glass or mug becomes daunting...and potentially embarrassing...

I applaud your patience and kindness towards your caring and loving you are.

Thank you from all of us. Jane

By parkinit On 2013.03.16 18:44
I provide my hubby straws in most drinks. This helps immensely.

How thoughtful of you to come here looking to help your customer.

By NWH On 2013.03.18 21:29
Thanks yall.

We don't keep straws in house but I guess I will stock up on a few and I am now on the hunt for a lighter cup with a handle for the gent. He is a nice fellow and he makes us smile when he comes in.

By LOHENGR1N On 2013.03.19 00:00
NWH, My thoughts being a patient. For a glass one doesn't need to be smaller in fact maybe one that is squatter (almost mug like). Most glasses are narrower at bottom and wider up top. When We tremor it makes them easier to topple over setting them down. Broader bottoms are more stable and We don't feel we're trying to balance them. Also broader sets with maybe a slop over the edge where taller less stable result in spills and tipping over. As for handles myself I rarely use them even with my coffee cup. Trying to slip my thumb or fingers through them or pull them out after setting it down results in slopping and tipping as thumb or fingers don't slid out easily but tremble and bounce around.

Also rethink a lighter cup. We tremor and although it might look like we're frail and weak we're not it is the tremor. The shaking not us straining to lift and set down the glass or cup. A solid glass or mug can be set down harder and take it without our worry of breaking it. A lighter weight glass or mug can at times make us leery of controlling it we might slop liquid more or even with a jerk unexpectedly toss it. But again that's my personal taste and take on this and everyone is different.

As He comes in regularly get a couple of different kinds and then ask Him his input? A customer survey sit down and say you're buying some new glasses and ask him to test a couple to let you know what he thinks? This way He'll feel useful and important, a valued customer and because he helped it won't seem odd if He gets a different glass than others because he picked it and you remembered it a feel good situation all around! Good luck and kudos' to you for your kindness!

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