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By jcoff012 On 2013.03.30 11:19
We are considering putting in a small swimming pool. It would be a great help to both of us, I think. Our summer days are over 100 degrees, so it would be nice to be outside for exercise and relaxation.

However, do any of you have a pool/use one at the Y or a public pool, and could advise what works/doesn't work for your PWP? Does it need to be made handicapped accessible? If so, how?

It would only be 3 feet to 5 feet deep because of space issues.

Thank you if anyone has any ideas. Jane

By LOHENGR1N On 2013.03.30 15:25
Jane, Maybe, maybe being just into this disease you can get away with it. However remember you both are now living with Parkinson's Carl the Patient you the Caregiver. Now your lives are changed and you have to look at things differently. I'm not saying we have to not do things and limit our lives overly because of it but. Three to five feet deep, handicap accessibility, space? That's second fiddle now. Do you in time want to watch Carl every second He's in the pool? When or if He starts freezing how does He get out? If He freezes and goes under will He be able to break the freeze or drown? His balance gets off and he falls ...he's in the pool so he's falling in water and won't get hurt right? What if his mouth is open and he gets a mouthful of water? Aspirates the water? Just as one wouldn't leave a young child alone in the pool you can't leave someone with Parkinson's Disease alone in one either. We could ask anyone dealing with this disease and hear just when things were going pretty good Parkinson's raised it's ugly head and threw something else for us to deal with now. I'm NOT saying don't get a pool, just saying things you might not consider at this point. It might not be a great idea to put a large hole filled with water in the yard for anyone with mobility problems to maneuver around or in. Maybe a membership at the Y would be a better idea? (although I know it isn't as exciting as having a pool in the yard sounds) At the Y swimming would be supervised for Carl and you wouldn't be having to keep eyes on Him every second He's in the or around the water.

You guys know best where you are and what Carl can handle at this time and really it's up to you. I'm just giving problems that you might not be thinking about right now. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

We're all in the same game; Just different levels.
Dealing with the same Hell; Just different devils

By jcoff012 On 2013.03.30 17:53
Al, thanks. I actually have thought of all of this...all but the aspiration...good point. I am hoping that this does not happen; putting in the pool, of course. I understand his need to remain normal, and he knows my love of swimming, but I am hoping the setbacks will not allow it! Land is a premium here in California, so the houses are too close together for his taste..

I always appreciate your thoughts, Al...thanks...I will wait to see if it actually happens...I bet we won't have the space..I am pushing for a water feature...perhaps a fountain? Hugs, and, as always, love your thoughts... Jane

By Trusting On 2013.03.30 21:19
We have a membership at the Y. My husband used to go with me to swim but he had a freezing episode that really scared him (rightfully so). I can't get him in the water now even if he stays in the shallow water. I agree with Al with a pool in the yard. Are you going to be able to do the maintenance? If he loses strength will he be able to get in and out.
My vote is for the Y. You will have a life guard to help watch for problems and you can enjoy yourself and relax.
Most of the people I know who have pools in the yards really don't use them much. The novelty wears off quickly. I know you will make a wise decision. Good luck.

By jcoff012 On 2013.03.30 21:52
In our other homes, I did the pool maintenance, so that's nothing new. I told him what everyone is suggesting and what he said was sweet (for me, not him). "Jane, YOUR life doesn't need to end because mine is. I want you to have this...for YOUR mental health." What a dear man...always puts my needs first. I told him that no matter what, we will work through this decision.

By mylove On 2013.03.31 01:53
Jane, I know exactly what you're saying. Ben's always saying the same thing to me. I second the thought on the pool though. Never had one, but everyone I know that does (or a hot tub) uses it once in a blue moon and its one more thing to take care of. I think I might be a little apprehensive of the open water hazard too. But that may be my paranoia talking. ;). Just two more cents...

By parkinit On 2013.03.31 10:29
We have a pool and my spouse used it up until two years ago (he's had PD for 14 years now). We were doing pool exercises and he seemed to enjoy them and then he began to panic when in the pool a few years ago. I believe he was thinking of all those things Al just mentioned. He made sure he always had a life jacket on. I always stood by his side as he performed the exercises. He also held onto a rope. Finally, he avoided the pool altogether and I respected this, so he hasn't been in the pool for two years now and I doubt if he'll ever return.

Bottom line, is for a few years it may be great, but as the disease progresses, you will be having to take care of a pool and never get to use it.

I used the pool to swim laps up until last year and then he was freezing so much from then forward, that I hesitate to venture into the pool lest I don't hear him when he needs me (we have an alert system he wears around his neck that always calls me first when he presses it).

By jcoff012 On 2013.03.31 10:44
Love that you all are sharing your experiences and thoughts. It is very appreciated. I think that it all boils down to his constant need to make me happy. He is like that and when that no longer is part of his make up, I will know he is truly on the downhill with PD. I know the love behind his thinking and I love him for it. But, I do understand the practicality and wishom behind all of your comments.

Al said it once before, we seem to adjust to this disease. We will with this, too. I think I will let this issue run its course. As I said before, I have a feeling that the building codes for setbacks from our fenced in yard won't allow it...we'll see what the designers find out.

Happy Easter to all, Jane

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