For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By makrivah On 2013.04.01 18:18
Has your PWP ever had a test of Executive Functioning? The MMSE (Mini-Mental State Exam) is what the doctors normally use, but the literature states that it does NOT evaluate executive functions. My PWP has been diagnosed with "Mild Cognitive Impairment." Until I did some research I thought that was a statement (like having a "mild cold"), not an acutal diagnosis below Alzheimers. Anyone have any experience in testing for EF?

By stillunsure On 2013.04.02 17:30
My husband had the same diagnosis. The same Neuro that said his tremor was "only an innocent tremor because he's getting older". What a joke this guy was. What exactly does MCI mean? I wish I knew, but his "innocent" tremor has definitely increased until it's not too innocent any longer.

Would be interested in seeing other posts about Mild Congnitive Impairment.

By Freespirit On 2013.04.03 08:36
I don't know if this will help, but the National Parkinson's Foundation has various assessments on their website. Look under the heading entitled, "Cognitive Assessment in Parkinson's Disease."

Good luck.

By parkinit On 2013.04.04 23:41
My husband was diagnosed with "mild cognitive impairment" about a year ago, but I can tell it is progressing. He has done lots of tests , but I don't believe that the executive functions were tested. This is something I have just noted with another friend who sees him on a regular basis. He cannot organize items in a filing cabinet nor can he take items that are numbered and organize them numerically (like bank statements by the month). He begins working on something, but cannot keep track of where he is at. I found a cognitive test online (MOCA test: he has taken many times. He took the online test with me; He did worse on it than he did a year ago.

Also, sadly, this evening, he had his pocket (the lining part) pulled up out of his waistband and said he couldn't figure out how to get something out of his pocket. I pushed the pocket down in his pants and put my hand in the pocket and extracted the item. It's things like this that are more and more slipping.

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