For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jsmitch On 2013.04.12 09:11
With the support of folks like you, was recently named the #1 Parkinson's disease website by

See the article @



By jcoff012 On 2013.04.12 11:09
Congratulations, Jim!

By Pearly4 On 2013.04.12 18:04
Congratulations Jim! From my first visit 8 years ago to now - I appreciate everything this site has been and has to offer.

By dkleinert On 2013.04.13 00:36
Jim - Congratulations!!!!
You deserve soooo much for what you do so selflessly for all of us. If it were not for this site when my husband was first diagnosed 8 years ago, I know I would have gone insane - really. I am not exagerating. This site is my calm in the storm and my go-to place for any question or concern I have about PD - this site and its great members helps me navigate the stormy, unknown waters of PD now and during those first several scary years, and also gave me the knowledge of what is to come at the end because of so many like Pearly4 and so many others who have left this site now. Knowledge and knowing we are not alone in this is so powerful, and provides confidence we all need in all of the new situations we face. Hearing that we are not alone and that others are experiencing the same things is so powerful also. You have made that possible for so many of us.

You are the life-saver among us! Again - THANK YOU, JIM!! Much love and Hugs - Donna in North Carolina

By LOHENGR1N On 2013.04.13 01:21
Congratulations to everyone who visits and posts here on the Forum You've made Us number 1 !!! And undying thanks to you Jim for Your wizardry in keeping us up and going online here! Other than that I don't know what to say! lol really! Now folks how often have you heard me say that!?

By Reflection On 2013.04.13 07:46
Amen to Donna's:
"If it were not for this site when my husband was first diagnosed 8 years ago, I know I would have gone insane - really."

I am more grateful than I can ever express.

I think this site and other like it are the best hope of reducing the increase in our national medical bills, and thus the premiums that we all somehow must pay. Also one of the better hopes for improving the care and quality of life for persons with PD. By allowing us to communicate directly with each other, we've solved many medical challenges (also social, personal, life challenges), allowed us to be much smarter in dealing with physicians, with hospitals and health care facilities. Smarter about drugs and their side effects too. That's helped our loved ones with PD, and caregivers as well live healthier, more productive lives.

Jim, I've never met you, but you've done more for me the last few years than all but a handful of my closest friends & family, and many here have become an extended family. Thank you.

By parkinit On 2013.04.13 16:34
Yeah! Love it. Thanks for sharing, Jim.

By Pearly4 On 2013.04.14 10:51
Jim - maybe its time to bump your "how this all started" story back up to the top of the timeline?

By LOHENGR1N On 2013.08.29 00:41
just bumping this for current viewing

By LOHENGR1N On 2014.06.03 19:08
Bumping this forward to remind Us what got Us to the number 1 ranking folks, lets keep keeping Us there.

By VioletV On 2014.06.03 20:11
How wonderful. It is good to know that others will find their way here because of this award.


Please take a look at the top of the page where the Donate button seems to hide itself. If you can, please make a donation to help maintain the site.

If you can't donate, come anyway. We all do what we can.


By moonswife On 2014.06.03 21:51
Jim, Outstanding job. Hope it reminds everyone you do this WITHOUT COMPENSATION. Time to DONATE my fellow caregivers. We are blessed Jim is there for us.

By jcoff012 On 2014.06.03 23:26
A year later, but congratulations again, Jim! Well deserved recognition! Hugs and love to all! Jane

By JulieB On 2014.06.04 11:46
I am very grateful for what you have done Jim. What a difference you've made in our lives.... xoxo

By jsmitch On 2014.06.10 20:34
Thank you for the kind words and donations.

In addition to being recognized as the #1 PD Caregiver website, we are also being cited as an authoritative source of information for the likes of eHow,, support groups, and University research pages -- a direct reflection of the forum's experience and involvement. Kudos to everyone!


By LOHENGR1N On 2014.06.11 23:52
That's great news Jim thanks for sharing it and giving Us the update! It's been a long haul but helping all the People along the way has been and is worth it. My Friend! Thanks and congrats to all!

By jsmitch On 2015.03.10 14:30
Just a quick note to let everyone know that I will be making a few design and layout changes to the website. I need to make the updates to accommodate mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.),

I'll be making the changes over the next couple of weeks.

The forum portion of the website will remain unchanged (for now).

Thank you for your patience.


By umajane On 2015.03.11 20:18
Thank you Jim...this Forum is terrific!

By VioletV On 2015.03.12 09:15
Thanks, Jim.
And, all of us -- please donate (see button at the top of the page) if you can.

Jim does this work - giving us a place to connect, vent, learn - as an unpaid support to our community.


By jsmitch On 2015.03.15 11:48
I've completed the changes to the website and forum. All pages, with the exception of the forum, now play nice with mobile devices (phones, pads, tablets, etc.) in addition to desktop computers.

The forum now is tablet, pad, desktop compatible, although it may work fine with some of the larger phones on the market.

Trying make the forum 100% mobile friendly is an exercise in futility -- there's just too much information to cram down into a tiny screen.

That said, I don't have access to every type mobile device around so if anyone encounters and issue, please let me know via an e-mail using the contact form.

Thanks again for your patience.


By makrivah On 2015.03.15 21:37
You are amazing! Thank you from one of your many admirers. Where would we be without you? Where.... Alone and frightened. You provide the vehicle that gives us a welcoming community and strength.

By Mary556 On 2015.03.15 22:40
Jim, thank you for all you do for us. We are so grateful for your gifts, more than you could ever know.
Ditto what makrivah said, you are Amazing!

By carman96 On 2015.03.15 23:41
Thank you Jim. I use my Kindle and it has worked fine.

By LOHENGR1N On 2015.12.31 00:16
Bumping this up as a reminder, we became number 1 not by venting a majority of the time but by providing information and tips (experience) of dealing with and about this disease

By jsmitch On 2016.12.16 09:12
Another milestone for this forum. While most were sleeping, in the early hours this morning (Dec 16, 2016), a little bit of history was made. Mary556 made the 30,000th post!

By Trusting On 2016.12.17 01:51
I'm happy to hear this. You've helped me so much over the past several years. Thank you.

By Mary556 On 2016.12.17 12:12
Jim, you made my day. I wondered why that confetti was shooting out of my computer onto my head. Thank you so much for all you do! I am very grateful for everyone here. You all are a great blessing.

By VioletV On 2016.12.17 13:50
Yes, Jim, you have made such a difference in our lives.

I hope that plenty of us remember that the [Donate] link on the top of the page applies to any of us who can support the work Jim does for free.

By LOHENGR1N On 2017.06.10 23:20
Bumping this up, I just clicked the link and We're #1 for 2017! WTG everyone!

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