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By barb On 2013.04.15 13:22
My dh is destroying the baseboards and doorways.

He has had this hoveround for over a year. There is clearance but he doesn't look behind and often doesn't check side to side. Anyone know where and if I can get side view mirrors installed on this thing? Someone would have to come to the house because we have no way to get it in the car.

I can't afford to get the baseboard repaired anymore and the bedroom door is just about shot. Help

By McCall On 2013.04.15 13:56
I have another brand power chair and I don't see how side mirrors would help of why he would need to look behind in going through doorways , you might try bumpers on the base of the chair itself. depends on your clearance but you could glue one of those chidrens "NOODLES" the things they use in swimming tools split it down the middle and glue it to the base of the chair.

By seawench On 2013.04.15 19:41
my Bob is working om getting a backup camera on his scooter. he placed handle bar extensions on his scooter and has a strobe light, a GPS and a bike bell mounted on it. I'll let you know what he comes up with. He may have a small camera that attahes to the back of his hat that he can view on a screen simular to his GpS.


By lilflower On 2013.04.17 11:48
My house looks like someone was let lose bumper cars. Bedroom door gone, hallway destroyed dents in dishwasher fridge every lower cabinet One day he even drove off the ramp sideways. Stress that is an understatement.

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