For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jcoff012 On 2013.04.19 17:18
My husband's dentist sent him to an orthodontist who took xrays, etc...guess the results?! Braces, at 65! (To be honest, at 18, it was his beautiful smile that was part of the reason I first noticed him...he's only had three cavities in his lifetime!)

It seems that he has had tongue swelling for the last two years, and the tremors and excess saliva have caused a major shift in his teeth! The bottom ones are pushed forward because he has been pushing against them during the facial tremors and the top ones now fit behind the bottoms! So much so, it is hard for him to swallow, eat, or even close his mouth at night...making his throat dry and making the drooling uncontrollable...he feels like he is choking!

So, next month, after a big teeth cleaning session and pulling two back teeth, he will be fitted for braces!

Always something...but, this was new to me...I DID look it up, and it seems it ISN'T unusual! Geez. Jane

By LOHENGR1N On 2013.04.19 18:52
Jane you might want to have a real sit down discussion with the Orthodontist! The braces will not stop the underlying problem which got your husband to the spot you now find yourselves in. IE He will still facial tremor and have excess saliva. His tongue will still push on the teeth. I'd make sure this will work and has been carefully thought out by the Ortho. I'd hate for Him to end up with a cut up tongue and ripped cheeks or lips (inside the mouth) from braces. Not discouraging just saying many times things like this aren't seen or given much thought by specialists involved only in their field and not taking the whole person and disease into account. Whatever you decide I wish Him well and good luck ...also you might want to run the braces bit by Ben's Neurologist too. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By jcoff012 On 2013.04.20 12:26
Afraid this HASN'T been a quick decision...been going on since December...all of the doctors have been talking to each other...even the GP is involved...

It all comes down to his comfort...thy have come to the conclusion that his peace of mind outweighs the pain, etc....HE doesn't like the way his teeth are and his jaw pain from trying to eat is totally a product of his misalignment....

The cost is high..$6300, and our a dental insurance only pays for $1000!

So, we will soon be among the "poor"... Lol

By Freespirit On 2013.04.22 11:40
Haven't heard of the braces yet, but I'm not surprised. This disease affects so many areas!

My husband has terrible problems with plaque build-up in spite of brushing twice a day and gargling (swishing really, he can't gargle anymore) with Listerine. The dentist office accuses him of not brushing, not understanding that it's due to the excess saliva and his inability to swallow as frequently. I had to give them a call and explain this aspect of PD.

By LOHENGR1N On 2013.04.22 15:38
Freespirit, Another thing not widely known or announced is that some of Our anti-Parkinson's medications deplete the calcium in our teeth too. It seems as we spend time educating many medical people about Parkinson's and it's effects on the body with each visit.

By moonswife On 2013.04.23 04:50
Al, I read your post to Mike and it reconfirmed what others had shared with us. His teeth have broken off at the gum line so badly he only has the front ones left. Hardly an oral surgeon wants to touch him. The last one gave us an estimate of over $10,000 just to extract without anesthesia. (we know he went artificially high to scare us away). Thinking sending one of my offspring to dental school might be the route.

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