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By Rempt2 On 2013.04.22 15:28
I got my AARP magazine delivered today. It had an article of Michael J. Fox, his life, his parkinson's story etc. He looks so good after 20 years with the disease. He acknowledges others have different symptoms. I thought to myself he doesn't show how horrible this disease really is. It's not his fault. Mohammed Ali and Pope JP II were better examples of how this disease affects you.

By jcoff012 On 2013.04.22 16:42
We had this discussion before...I LIKE a his youthful look.... he gives my husband hope that he will not wither away as his mother did after years...I also disagree that he looks well...I think the disease has aged him dramatically.

If we had his resources, we, too, would keep up appearances, but we don't...but, I decided at the start of this journey, that whatever my husband wants to make this easier, so be it...(see the post about getting braces at 65!)

To each his own, and I prefer to wish MJFOX, and others, all the health and well being they can, for as long as they can.

By Rempt2 On 2013.04.22 19:20
Well, looking at his picture I'd say he looks more 40 than 51 and pretty darn good looking. I'm sorry he had to deal with this disease at such a young age (31). My husband had years of good health without this hovering over him. At 67 he had rapidly progressed where I would say he is "withering" away. I also wish MJF and others as many good years as they can.

I don't think the public has a good conception of where the disease leads. People I've talked to say it is something able to be controlled adequately. It probably can be for most of the time but not at my husband's stage. He's pretty much homebound.

By LOHENGR1N On 2013.04.22 23:47
In the article about MJF, His new TV comedy series on NBC. Seems He'll play a News Anchor who has Parkinson's Disease and it's effects on his life and job. It hints at the "funny stuff" like trying to pour cereal and having it scatter all over the table and floor? I'm not going to comment any further, I'll leave that to the critic's and Parkinson's community to view and comment on.....who knows it might be good, then again there's a down side to that also. (many patients don't want to be stared at in public let alone laughed about). But then again We'll have to wait and see how it's handled on the show.

He did saw He had trapdoors built into shooting it, like for scenes He isn't in he will take the day off and rest.

By jcoff012 On 2013.04.23 18:02
Well, I agree that if they are laughing AT PWP, that is wrong. But, a little levity could help many folks. Like I have said many times, when I met with my cancer team, they would say, "Laugh every day...laugh out loud. Laughter is the best medicine for someone with a difficult disease." I remind Carl of that often.

By jcoff012 On 2013.04.24 14:36
Just read the article...twice...

Here's my take on it..just my opinion...

I find his upbeat attitude one to cherish. I respect that he knows he has put himself out there to be subject to criticism..and to be loved and supported. As with all things in life, I think it is simple to be envious of his resources to fight this disease. BUT, I am also one who admits that IF *we* had those same resources we, too, would use them to make our lives easier and healthier...but, we don't.

We have had the unlucky opportunity to have PD in our lives through 22+ years with Carl's mom's struggles, only four years ago to begin this journey of our own. If we had had the resources, we would have given his mom a better life, but we all gave her the best we could, a do all of you.

The humor to which he refers is needed...this disease brings us so much loss an sorrow..when we watch a tv show, let's laugh...

I say, more power to him...I for one know the sadness and pain, don't need to see it on tv from a young man who is known for his dry humor...again, just my opinion.

By olpilot On 2013.04.25 04:17
let me first say I love Michael J Fox and I appreciate everything he's done. Something that bothers me about his coming show is it won't show the real llife life with Parkinson's. I'm sure that'll be done taste and with humor but many of the people around us don't understand what it's like. I'm sure there's no way you can touch on the realities.normal everyday things! 'that we deal with
many times I've been told "oh that's what Michael J Fox have that's not so bad there pills for that." it's become the Michael J Fox disease for better words.most people don't realize devastating it is to a family.. And making it funny going to help we need people to understand what is really going can we make our families and those close to us understand what's happening if it becomes a sitcom TV? just reading what people say here shows how difficult it is to live with thisthe incontinence effects of medication the sexual dysfunction pation the constant need for carethere's just very little to laugh about and if people think that everyday life is just funny because of the way we move they're missing the whole point.
what he is done so far can't be measured , 'should it be taken lightly,our familyscan't and we don't. I want is show to succeed but not to decreasing the understanding are our support group there is very little to find humorous.we are a late beat but there is little to find that anyone 2 laugh about about.I hope that more than the shaking the problems pouring cereal in the morning are dealt with people need to understand the difficulties of everyday life and not just make light of it.

we need to keep a sense of humor about our life we need people to understand how difficult our life andthe life for our families is.I certainly don't spend everyday lamenting how tough life is but it's hard enough to let people know what's happening when some days everything looks fine and feels fine and the next day you can barely move and are miserable. How can we make others understand when we don't and especially if its just another sitcom on TV. I don't want sympathy but I do want people to understand.
I haven't had a decent BM in about 5days, I've had depression that has made it very hard to get out of bed, I've had sudden anger for reasons I don't understand. None of it humorous, none of it worth being on tv. I have days when I don't think there is anything wrong followed by days I almost can't take. When people who are in my own family think I'm crazy because I seem fine. If he can somehow deal with those things I'll accept that this thing can be a sitcom, otherwise..... one of the reasons PD isn't a big deal is most of us die old, so it's just normal. Not like cancer or HIV or anything like that. We mostly function enough, not like Alzheimer's but for some close enough. The pain of the dystonia, the miserable nights, no sleep, the fear my wife has that crossing the road to get the mail I might freeze, how will things like that will be dealt with?

MJF is and always will be an inspiration to pwp, PD, not so much. I truly wish him well, but I want people to understand more.

By jcoff012 On 2013.04.25 18:07
Ol pilot, I fully understand and respect your feelings. I wish I was able to take this disease from you and all of the other PWD here, I truly do.

I think that I am driven by two things about MJFox. First, unlike many, I truly don't feel he owes anything to anyone. His struggles are his own and if he chooses to deal with PD with humor, that is his right. I say, turn off the show if you are offended or disappointed (meaning anyone, not directed at you personally). Second, I/we chose to take a wait and see approach. My husband just yesterday said he couldn't imagine MJFox would intentionally hurt ANY person with PD...not his style.

Today, while shopping in Costco, our three year old grandson said (LOUDLY..), "Yuck! This is YUCKY, Grandma!" when offered some Greek yogurt...We had to pull him aside to explain that giving him the yogurt was the lady's job and she was at work, just like Mommy and Daddy go to work, etc...he needs to be "sensitive"...and, I have to admit, the article about MJFox flashed in my mind...To a three year old, we needed to explain that hurting someone's feelings about something important to the other person was not acceptable. I can only hope that having lived with this as long as he has, and seeing friends suffer, has given him insights, and humor, that he will share with compassion.

Bless you, Ol, Al, and others for your insights...I guess it just remains to be seen...Hugs, love, and thank you for voicing your feelings. Jane

By olpilot On 2013.04.25 22:41
I personally am looking foward to seeing MJF this fall. I am and always have been a fan and don't begrudge him anything. He really has done more for pwp than anyone I have ever heard of and I am very greatful for that. It isn't his job to be the spokesman for pd, but by being the most visible person in the world with pd, kinda makeshim it.
I can laugh at some of this, you have to, but it is hard to explain even to family what this is. I don't expect that anything but a documentary to cover the real effects of pd, and the only ones I have seen were on PBS with him and with Dave IIverson but who watches that. I guess another thing is would a show about grandma and her Alzheimer's be acceptable comedy?
I am very greatful that there are a few places like here where we can express our views and feelings and hopefully not offend people. I don't want to do that, but I know I do on an occasion, and I know this is for many a touchy subject. I will be watching this fall and hopefully not with too critical an eye. Just needed to express my thoughts on this.
Good cheer to all

By moonswife On 2013.04.25 22:44
olpilot, you made me laugh tonight. I am just pondering what the episode would be like when the star cannot find an all night drug store and he is out of fleets enemas. And he cannot decide who he want to ask to help him administer them. And where? Opens the imagination port, doesn't it?

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