For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By barb On 2013.04.25 07:06
My dh has had trouble using a walker in the past but he is willing to try again. He gets on his toes and then locks up. I'm wondering if a rollator would be better since he pushes the cart in the supermarket.

Anyone see any difference between the walker and the rollator?

Does anyone have any experience with the laser rollator? We have the cane (simply a cane with a laser that a freeze). The laser rollator is expensive but if I thought it would make his life easier id figure out how to get it.

By LOHENGR1N On 2013.04.25 08:34
barb, I have no experience with either. I mentioned a walker to my Neurologist and he said the hunched over posture and way my shoulders would have to move to use one would not be good for me. That said before I spent money on one I'd try a little experiment. If your husband has trouble on tie-toes with walker causing freezing but can push a shopping cart the big difference isn't the's the height of handle and posture when using each. Bring his walker to the store set it down beside a shopping cart and see if there is a difference in there hand grip heights? Then if you can visit a medical supply shop and see how high the roller handles are? If they compare to the walker not the cart I'd think he will have trouble with the roller also. Just my thoughts, hope it helps. Take care, best of luck and hang in there

By dans316 On 2013.04.25 10:03

I got my wife a Rollator after several freezing episodes when we could not find a place for her to sit down. Unfortunately her balance and gait deteriorated and while she uses a regular walker with wheels in the front, she doesn't use the Rollator to walk, but we use it in place of a wheel chair.

One thing I would worry about is a PWP whose gait suddenly speeded up, would the Rollator get away from them? They do have brakes but in my wife's case, I don't think she would think fast enough to use them.

Would it be possible a Medical Supply Store would let you try one out or maybe it's possible to rent one???

By moonswife On 2013.04.25 22:27
We have all three. We use them on different occasions. When we go to Catalina we have to stand in line for an extended period. He sits on the seat of the rollator. He uses a cane around the house. He uses a walker on the driveway in the yard. A shopping cart, or the grandchild's stroller is used in the store, or the mall. We have 71 grab bars in the house. We replaced all towel bars with grab bars. At our place on Catalina Island we moved furniture to position it to be support devices. Lastly, we put 3 1/2 foot wrought iron fencing all around paths in back yard to use as guide rails. You do what you have to do to keep doing what you want to do.

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