For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By sistergirl On 2013.05.06 16:06
Hello out there to all the caregivers of PD and all PD patients. My husband was diagnosed 5 years ago with PD. He is really complaining about extreme weakness in lower half of his body. Some days he seems to get around pretty good and then we have a day when he can hardly make it from room to room using his rollator walker. He says on those days when he is weak and freezing up a lot, his back then starts hurting really bad because he spends so much time waiting on his feet to turn loose. I would appreciate any info. you can offer me. He is already taking 2-25/100 Sinemet 5 times per day and a larger dose at bedtime.

By carman96 On 2013.05.08 01:37
Hello. Sorry I have no info to give you other than to say this happens to my husband all the time. It's very frustrating. I just know that if he is really tired he will freeze and it takes him forever to get anywhere. Seems like his good days are getting fewer and fewer.
He is taking 1200 levodopa 350 carbidopa 1000 entacapone and 1.5 mirapex.
Good luck and hang in there.

By moonswife On 2013.05.08 22:25
Sistergirl, Carmen96 and I have about the same status. She is right on about fatigue. It REALLY takes its toll. I try to preach rest 10 minutes every 2 hours. He does not always listen if he is involved in a project. That is when the decline comes. The back ache. I took a 100 hour massage course to ease that pain. My DH just won't take any pain meds. Our newest challenge is a knee that is bone rubbing on bone. Ortho says replace. Neuro says, but we have to turn off DBS to do surgery. Husband says "I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep"

By Threadhead On 2013.05.09 08:12
Moonswife, I'm just wondering--did the neuro make it seem that turning off the DBS for surgery was a problem? It wasn't for us. My husband had a hernia repair last year (certainly not as involved as knee replacement). The surgeon had said he would look into what the protocol was for dealing with the DBS, and we were surprised to find a rep from Medtronic at the hospital for the surgery. We are three hours away from where he is based.

By moonswife On 2013.05.10 05:24
We had the same good luck with the Medtronic rep. She was so friendly, and competent. My husband was instantly at ease and the orthopedic surgeon was impressed with her also. DH had three tumbles down stairs (now we sleep in a downstairs room) which made two shoulder surgeries, as well as arthroscopic knee work necessary. This latest issue is probably unrelated to PD. His sister just had both replaced last year. Hope sistergirl gets the answers or information that is helpful from this forum

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