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By Marikojack On 2013.05.08 15:38
Hello, new member here. My 84 yo father has Parkinson's and is also in a splint with a fracture of his ankle and fibula. I was wondering about your thoughts on external catheters, especially overnight. Any suggestions?

By Pearly4 On 2013.05.09 15:04
You might want to see the posting - "Anyone else at this stage? by Imtired2 from 2013.04.17 21:21"

OOps - guess the original post was by Parkinit on 4/14.

Basically - you can click on "search" option and insert your own key words - I used catheter and came up with a posting by others who were discussing their use, etc.

By Sheridan On 2013.05.10 10:38
Hello new member here also although I have been reading posts for the last year and cannot tell you how important this site has been in my life and has gotten me through many a day and crisis. I feel it is my turn to give back by sharing what works for us.

My husband has had PD for 15 years and has used an external catheter for the last 2 years. It has been a godsend to both of us. He now uses it whenever we go out of the house and every night. We are both less anxious about outings and don't have to commandeer the mens room when a family/handicap bathroom is not avail. We both can get much better sleep at night too! It was a learning process to find the right size and make for sure but you can get samples and sizes to test it out. He uses a leg bag for outings and a larger bag hooked to the bed for overnight. GOOD LUCK!

By parkinit On 2013.05.12 00:13
I agree about searching older posts, but learning how to use catheters makes our lives easier. We still have trouble keeping leg bag catherters attached for some reason. They tend to pull off even when I loop the hose for extra slack. If anyone has a solution to the leg bag hose pulling the catheter out, please let me know!!


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