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By jcoff012 On 2013.05.12 18:09
I do hope all of the women on this board had a good Mother's Day!

We are having a mixed one...our "kids" have all called and I have some beautiful red roses and had a nice lunch out, but our oldest daughter, Nigel's Mom, has been in the hospital since Friday. It seems her allergy problem was is pneumonia. She has been in San Jose Kaiser and is just not getting better; although she is otherwise healthy, even thin, she is having problems with her heart rate. So, although she is getting better, she is not out of the woods, yet.

Seems as if our family is facing a myriad of illnesses these last seven years...should get better soon, right?! Holy Cow!

Hugs and I hope this find YOU having a great day! Love to all, Jane

By carman96 On 2013.05.15 09:07
Jane I hope your daughter is doing better. Good grief you guys have been through a lot!
I also had a mixed day Sunday. My sister lost her husband to cancer and we had a memorial for him on Sat. Sunday my sister and two brothers and spouses came over for brunch at my house. We had a nice visit but the reason we were all together was very sad.
Hugs to you and your daughter Jane. Nigel needs his mom so I hope she is making a full recovery.

By jcoff012 On 2013.05.15 09:27
I should have posted...she came home Monday and is home resting...taking antibiotics. I would suppose that she will be home the rest of the week. We took them dinner last night and she was able to get up and kiss us goodbye, so it's a start. Thank you for asking. Hugs and love.

I am sorry for your loss. Cancer just has to be cured someday. The losses are overwhelming. I understand the pain and suffering, and I wish your family a healing time together. Jane

By carman96 On 2013.05.15 10:24
Thanks Jane.
Glad your daughter is home and hope she is well soon.

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