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By Rempt2 On 2013.05.15 21:49
my husband has been trying to get back on the computer. He's forgotten how to do some things, even how to get on email. He is having difficulty with using the mouse and double clicking links and moving it around due to shaking. Has anyone had this issue and resolved it? Thanks.

By parkinit On 2013.05.15 23:41
My husband has used Dragon dictation in the past. I retaught a second time and he told a friend that he needed someone to teach him how to use Dragon Dictation a few weeks ago - he had forgotten he had been taught how to use it previous times. So I can relate to the memory issues.

There are voice-activated software commands such as Dragon that you may check into - if your PWP can remember some specific commands. That is the tricky part. You can send e-mails using it, too.

By jcoff012 On 2013.05.16 00:54
I was the computer tech at an elementary for ten years...let me give this some thought...I taught hundreds of kids, including those with disabilities...this was at a time when computer use was new, and before cell phones an iPads.

I found it simplest to make cheat sheets with large font directions, then laminate them and place them next to to computers. I also made illustrated ones for those with sight problems...Also, you can get a mouse that uses only one click; adjust the icons and font sizes by going into "computer" and then under "personalization" and make a myriad of changes. One thing...once we get older, it is MUCH simpler to read a computer screen if you turn down the brightness and choose a font that is at minimum size 14. As I said, it is late on Wednesday, let me think about this. ;)

By parkinit On 2013.05.16 15:16
What type of computer does he use? Many have "universal access" in the settings that offer a variety of different options you can change. You might explore that area and make changes to see if anything helps him.

You can also put certain applications in the startup where they automatically open (with a saved password), so it would logon automatically for him. On some applications it may be as simple as right clicking and selecting "open at login," but again, it depends on your computer and operating system.

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