For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jcoff012 On 2013.06.07 23:58 6:30 PM ET, in a new Presbyterian Church, so new it had only folding chairs!, I married the only man I have ever loved! My PWP is truly an amazing man. He is talented, kind, and the best husband and father one could ever want.

I wish all of you could know the kind of deep, lasting love and passion I have for him. Yes, he has PD and yes, things are not like they were in our passionate youth (I was 18, he was 19), but we are still together, battling through this horrible disease.

In the movies, as in all of the love songs, we are all supposed to forever love with unwavering desire; I do. If I could take this disease away for even one day, I would; he deserves to be free of it. He has done nothing wrong to have to finish out his life like we know he will. Does always putting mine and our children's needs before his own make PD his reward? Does shouldering the hurts and pains of our daughter's death at 15, our son's cancer journey, and my own journey through cancer make PD his reward?

Shouldn't a man who has done so much for everyone but himself be afforded a healthy, interesting retirement and gentle path toward the end of his time here on Earth? I will never understand why he has PD; he deserves more...and he deserves to be honored for the wonderful man he is...Not pitied or to have others turn away, not wanting to see his decline.

But, does this man ASK for pity? Does he ASK for anything? No.

Well, yes, he does...he asks to be alive and well enough to make sure our grown children are settled and happy, to know I will have all I need to finish our lives alone, and he wants to smile as long as he can...for us.

I love this man. I honor him and I am PROUD he is my husband of forty six years on Monday. I just felt the need to let everyone know. Thank you for listening. May you all find happiness along the way and joy the rest of your days. Hugs and love, Jane

By olpilot On 2013.06.08 00:52
Congratulations, you and your husband are an .inspiration to us all. Marriage and just living are hard enough, fighting together against everything is what being makes it bearable.

By Imtired2 On 2013.06.08 01:36
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. I so admire the love you have for one another. You have a wonderful man, and you obviously take good care of him.

By mylove On 2013.06.08 09:08
Oh Jane happy for you both! Life is so much easier to navigate - even through the road blocks - with someone you love so much beside you. It really makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it? Best wishes for more years filled with love.

By lilflower On 2013.06.08 09:56
God Bless and Happy Happy Anniversary. People like you are the reason I like this forum. You are uplifting and positive and brought a tear of joy to my heart today. With love for one another we can get through each difficult day.

By Poostie On 2013.06.08 12:21
I don't post very often but had to post to this one to tell you that my husband and I are also celebrating our anniversary on June 10 but we've been married 56 years. He too is a wonderful man and what a blessing it is to be married to him. He's had Parkinsons for over 10 years now and I can see him declining a little at a time but after all he'll soon be 83 years old and I'm sure part of it is due to age. He fights to stay active and is still out in his workshop several days a week (what a blessing that workshop has been!)

I hope Monday is a very special day for you and your husband and I'll be thinking of you also as we celebrate. It will probably be a pretty quiet day here--maybe we'll go out to eat with some of our children if Bob is up to it. Keep smiling and enjoy!!!

By jcoff012 On 2013.06.09 10:46
Congratulations tomorrow, Poostie! That is wonderful...56 years! Quite a feat! I hope you have a wonderful day, too...

Carl, my husband, is in the process of getting braces (at 65!) because his tongue swells daily and he subconsciously has been pushing out his bottom much so that he has a great deal of trouble chewing and worries about swallowing (we all know THAT problem!)...He was advised to get the braces to align his teeth, so is going through a deal deal of pain right now...eating out won't happen for us! When you go out to celebrate, raise your glass to us all, if you would! Again, congratulations!

I reread what I originally wrote, and although it is rambling, I still mean every word! I love this man!

Hope you all are having a great weekend...our anniversary present was getting one of our a/c units 102 degree heat! LOL Such is least we had one that kept the downstairs cool...sort of...the poor unit worked overtime to try to heat the whole house...kept it "cool" at 87, so I guess that was better than 102! lol

Hugs and enjoy life...we do...the best we can! Thank you for all the kind words! Back at you! ;))

By jcoff012 On 2013.06.09 12:17
...although it SEEMED like the working a/c was heating the house, of course, I meant cooling the house...sorry...Freudian slip? Lolol

By dans316 On 2013.06.10 10:32
Happy Anniversary to Jane and Poostie.
Hope you both have a wonderful day:)


By Imtired2 On 2013.06.10 12:45
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Jane, I hope you guys are keeping cool. Poostie, I hope you will be enjoying a wonderful dinner with your children.

By jcoff012 On 2013.06.10 22:52
Thank you, Dan, Dolly, olpilot and anyone else who posted...we had a very quiet day, but a busy one...

We decided to go to Maui for five more days, so that means it will be 10 days in the Islands (Oh, yum, right, Dan?)...but, our present to each other for our anniversary was an upgrade to first class...only live once, huh?!

So, after Target, two groceries, Rite Aid, and WalMart, we had a nice lunch out to celebrate (we have our largest meal at noon now)...then, back to my tuna dinner, and I am off here to watch "The Voice"...dumb, I know, but I like the singing...could care less about the

Hope everyone is doing ok tonight...My present to Carl fell a tad short...I was trying for 46 pounds for our 46th anniversary, but only got to -43 since mid February...getting there!

Hugs and take care of yourselves! Aloha! Jane

By carman96 On 2013.06.11 14:47
Jane, sounds like you had a pretty good day. It's great that you are planning a trip to Maui, get to stay 10 days and could upgrade to first class! Really something to look forward to.
Congratulations on your weight loss!! That's wonderful! You'll be looking good in Maui!
Last year I lost 60 pounds on Weight Watchers. I no longer have high blood pressure and all my numbers are good. It's the best thing you can do for yourself and your PWP. I was motivated to be healthy so I could take care of my husband and myself. Everybody I know tells me how great I look, so that's certainly a bonus!
Aren't you glad the weather cooled down? Saturday was so horrendous. Happy I have central air conditioning.

By Poostie On 2013.06.11 15:57
Jane, I'm happy you had a good day and congrats on your upcoming trip--something to look forward to.

We had a nice dinner out with some of our children and reminisced in the evening by looking at our wedding and honeymoon pictures. We were so young that I almost don't recognize us. We've been greatly blessed with way more good than bad in our 56 years.

Thanks Jane for letting me share your anniversary post and thanks to Jane, Dan and Dolly for your good wishes.

By parkinit On 2013.06.11 22:44
I'm a little late, but I'm so happy for you long-termers, Jane and Pootsie! You are an inspiration in your love, adoration, and devotion.

By carman96 On 2013.06.12 11:34
56 years is quite an achievement!! Congratulations!

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