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By jcoff012 On 2013.06.25 23:02
We just experienced a grandparent's worst nightmare...watching helplessly while our grandson (almost four) plowed headfirst into the end post of our is an Arts and Crafts custom home, so it is extremely well made and the staircase is VERY solid...there was blood everywhere by the time I was able to get to them both (two minutes afterwards, as I was in the bathroom, TMI, sorry)...

My question...what does this kind of stress do to the PWP? Carl was visibly shaken, trying to stop the profuse bleeding, trying to comfort our little guy, and yet I could see he needed to sit down...Being a mother of four, instinct kicked in, and I got Carl to sit down, got the bleeding temporarily stopped so as to call our daughter at work. I then had him hold Nigel upright while I cleaned up the blood and got Carl a shirt for a change, because Nigel was "freaking out, Grandma" seeing all the blood. We wanted to go to the closest ER, but his parents wanted us to take him to the ER at their hospital 25 minutes the driving rain (odd for CA this time of year), so we drove up, trying to keep him awake...

Needless to say, a scary three hours. My question? Does stress exascerbate PD? Do I need to be worried about him for awhile?

Have to say, it was difficult to decide which to look after first...Nigel, our grandson, of course, but all the while seeing Carl's reaction and stress level. Now that it's over, he says he is "fine" and can "handle it, don't worry." But, are there things I need to watch for? Can this be a factor in making his PD worsen? Or, is this a wife to a PWP and grandma to a little guy who is worried needlessly? I know it is part of life to expect things to happen, but since he has such a useless doctor, I figured it was best to ask all of you...Hugs, Jane

PS. Nigel is resting tonight...they glued his forehead together and we will go up to their house to babysit tomorrow...phew...what an afternoon.

By LOHENGR1N On 2013.06.25 23:45
Jane Yes stress does make our Parkinson's act up, it can make ALL our symptoms worse! However that said in a day or two Carl should be back to his "normal" maybe even tomorrow. While stress amps up our symptoms it doesn't amp up our progression or make our disease jump to a faster progression. Unless the stress load is constant then over time it will take it's toll on us as it would on everyone but the toll will be more noticeable on us than "normal" people :) Carl may be a bit shakier, slower moving and a bit more off balance, have a harder time falling asleep tonight but all should be okay. It's only normal to worry about this stuff but We Parkies are tough! We're not made of glass we just like to drop a glass or two from time to time. Maybe a three quarter full cup of coffee first thing in the morning just incase Carls a little shaky so he'll be less apt to slosh it and both of you start to worry about progression or ill-effects of the accident and start to compound the situation by needless worry. Take a deep breath all will be okay. Take care, best of luck and hang in there

By jcoff012 On 2013.06.26 09:37
Thanks, Al, I needed that! You know by now that I don't look at every incident as a reason to suspect a new progression, but it seemed "different" because of our grandson's involvement! Lol....Grandpa's boy, you know.

He had a difficult time going to sleep, but is moving better this morning...we are off to take care of him at their house today.

I love your comment about Parkies being tough...good choice of words!

Hugs and love and thanks for listening...I try not to worry,q but I suppose each "first" is just that...and, I am sure there will be more..this September 9 will be thirty years since our daughter was hit and killed, so being back in ER was an added stressor for me, as I am sure for him.

Again, thanks for being there...hugs, Jane

By parkinit On 2013.06.27 20:54
It seems like whenever we have an "event" that is stressful, he seems to take the next day to recuperate.

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